When you were born the first threads of what will be the tapestry of your life on earth began to form. Slowly, one day at a time, the events of your life became the threads and strands of the fabric used to record the history of your life. There is a strand for each of your
feelings, actions and all of the events you experience and participate in each day. Finally, the completed tapestry will be the legacy you leave behind when your spirit moves into eternity.

As the days become weeks, months and years of living, each of them is a significant addition you unknowingly but automatically weave into the unique, and constantly changing tapestry of your life. In fact, you are creating what you will eventually recognize as your very personal, individual tapestry of the life in which you have been
totally involved from birth.

You see, you are the master designer of your tapestry. You may never be aware of the fact that you are deliberately and very methodically weaving and recording everything you do and say into your tapestry.

But, the fact is, the very fabric of your tapestry becomes aninvoluntary and yet permanent recording of your constantly changing: thinking, moods, feelings, prejudices, dreams, and experiences.

If you were able, in your imagination, to step back from the weaving of the tapestry of your life, what would you see? Would it be dull, drab and colorless, or would it contain all of the vibrant colors of the rainbow, something exceedingly beautiful to behold?

Perhaps your tapestry started as gray, dull, colorless and generally negative. But then you will see a big change in the artistic "mood" of your still incomplete tapestry when you see where special positive events began to happen in your life such as when you began to walk, talk, laugh and grow. Then came events such as your high school prom,
your college days and graduation. There was your first job, your first love, and your family. Each of those events would appear in your tapestry as beautiful strands of artistically blended colors. You see, each positive event has a way of adding much more unique beauty to the overall texture of your always changing tapestry.

In short, it is important for you to keep in mind that the beauty and color, or lack of it, in your personal tapestry is completely under your control now and in the future.

When you go out of your way to help someone, when you share with others, when you do your best to cheer people up or make them laugh - you will discover those acts of kindness and love are the kind positive events that will always add an aura - a distinctive atmosphere and luminous radiation - as well as rich beauty and color to - the tapestry of your life.

Terry L. Weber

Author's Bio: 

Business: OriginalsByWeber.com for 10 years,.I invented: disposable sleep masks, soft denture liners, hearing aids helper, Raynaud's wrist wraps & more. Award winning writer. Book author. Avid sailor. Dad to 11 children. Christian prayer warrior. WW11 vet. Author: Anchors Of Faith.