"Many are in to reading books because of its interesting stories and amazing characters. As a book lover myself, I enjoy reading different types of novels that are funny, full of drama and sometimes suspenseful. I read to relieve my stress. With books, you can travel across the globe and be who want to be. Your imagination can take you away from the reality and the problems and unending clamors of the world. These are just a few benefits from reading books. The best part is, when you are a member of book clubs like Doubleday Large Print Book Club and the like, everything becomes even more satisfying.

Book lovers have different choices from the types of books that they want to read. Some people enjoy reading a romantic story that tells about the power of love that can conquer every pain, sorrow and sadness. Some prefer a heart-wrenching story about the struggles in life and how the hero or the heroine overcame the heartaches or others would like to escape to the world of science fiction. But whatever type of book you like to read, we all feel the same passion in reading. Every weekend, I always see to it that I pass by at my book club to get a good book. I love spending Friday nights reading a good book while I sip my tea with a piece of doughnut.

Teens these days spend their free time partying with friends, or shopping or sitting on the couch for the entire day just staring at the TV. I believe that books are very educational and leisurely. It helps you relax while learning while you read. Everyone should be able to understand the advantages of reading books and how it can be a good way to spend Friday nights. Indeed, Doubleday Book Club and those several other book clubs can be a great way to meet new friends and nurture friendships or relationships.

In contrary to popular belief, books are not only for geeks or nerds. Parents of younger generations should promote reading books as a hobby. Aside from learning from books you read, this past time is inexpensive and pleasurable.

If you would like to join a book club in your local area, grab your friends with you and try to find book clubs you can sign up to like the Mystery Guild, Literary Guild or others that may be just around the area."

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If you want to join a book club in your local area, take your friends with you and try to find book clubs you can join such as the Mystery Guild book club, Book of the Month club or others that may be just around the block.