It is good to have positive expectations. And it is good to have plans. This is why goal-setting in the New Year can help you move forward.

However, sometimes we have too many expectations. These can come from  your family and friends, or they can come from you. For example, a friend can be a bit too eager to tell you how you should go about living your life. Another example can come from within you, influenced by a genuine desire to move forward as soon as possible. To give an extreme example (from my own client experience),some people make it a goal to slim down, stop smoking, stop drinking, find a relationship, and get a new job, all at the same time.

Just consider the following, then ask yourself if your expectations are right for you. If after this consideration, your New Year's resolutions feel realistic, go for them. Ideally, make it only one resolution. And see that you feel it resonate with your heart, mind and soul.

When friends and family tell you what you should be doing to improve your life, it may be simply a desire to help themselves in that area with their own shortcomings. There is no need to let others affect your life in a negative or stressful way. If unsure whether they are right or wrong, it is good to work with a life coach or EFT practitioner, to determine whether you really do have a block that urgently needs addressing in that area, or whether it is your friend or loved one's wish instead. Others may wish to consult a good psychic instead of going the life coach or EFT practitioner route, or have Reiki sessions that can help you rebalance your energy. Whatever route feels best for you, if unsure, get help from a reliable professional. Otherwise, you know in your heart what you need to make your goal in the New Year.

If the pressure comes from within, ask yourself if this is a realistic goal or if it can be made more manageable. For example, the extreme client experience example above could be more about the need to feel in control, or just plain impatience. We all experience impatience, your truly included. If that is the case, be kind to yourself, and decide on one achievable goal and how you can achieve it. Take one step at a time. This is like climbing a mountain. If you look at the whole great big mountain ahead, it can be so overwhelming that stress creeps in, and too much stress is not conducive to good execution of our plans. However, if you just look at the next step ahead, you can feel confident in taking it, and then tell yourself “well done” after climbing each step. Before you know it, you will have conquered the whole mountain. Step by step.

Good Luck with your New Year's resolutions!

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