You manage a beautiful apartment complex, but there’s trouble in paradise. One of your tenants is causing problems. This has been going on for a while now, years even, but you’re so used to his crazy antics, you’ve learned to live with him.

This tenant constantly:

• Invades your privacy.
• Calls you names & makes you second-guess yourself; “You’re so stupid! Why did you say that?”
• Doesn’t have any confidence in you and lets you know it. “I doubt you’ll be able to do that! Why even try?”
• Kicks you when you’re down by making you feel worse. “I can’t believe you did that!!! What were you thinking?”
• Keeps you up at night. “Hey, wake up! John isn’t home yet? Could something have happened?”
• Can play friend or foe—whatever suits him best. “Yeah, you look great! If only you didn’t look so old.”
• Wakes you up out of a sound sleep by scaring you about things that haven’t happened. “What if your proposal sucks?”
• Makes you feel guilty about what you eat, what you do, or what you don’t do. “You’re going to pay big for those doughnuts you ate last night. I can’t believe you ate two of them!”
• Often criticizes your work by making comments like, “Are you kidding? And you call yourself an artist?”

This tenant not only lives in your apartment complex, he lives in your house! He’s in there 24/7. There is no rest from his abuse. It’s time to serve him an Eviction Notice; get him out of there for good. You have the right to a calm life without constant mental harassment.

To Evict said Tenant, become aware that he’s in there, in your mental house. Every time you don’t feel good about you, it’s The Tenant! Just start watching what the Tenant says to you during the day. Warning: it won’t be pretty.

Once you catch the Tenant in action, stop him. How? Simply become the Manager again. Know that most of what the Tenant says is not true. He just likes to rile you up. The more drama, the better. You don’t have to live with this Tenant. Whenever he starts saying something bad, shh him. Basically, ignore him. Focus on the moment. Every time you do this, you’re closer to getting rid of him. It takes diligent practice; he’s been around a while, but it can be done.

Start your Eviction Process today!

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Submitted by Rossana Snee, MFT. Follow her on Twitter @askjoshsmom,, and She is available in a therapeutic capacity, and also for speaking engagements. Ask about An Afternoon with Josh's Mom!