Germs, we love to hate them. Do you know how they transfer and multiply throughout your office building? Do you want to? Most people do not. But for the rest of you, here’s the dirty scoop of the germ and where to find this over achiever in your company:

•Office Desks
There are on average 50 different kinds of bacteria (400 times more than a toilet seat) having a little relax time on your desk as you are reading this. Maybe you have come in contact with them already. They are most commonly spread by eating at our desks (think crumb droplets), sharing our phone, stapler usage (when was the last time you cleaned this?), your desk space and your keyboard. It is important to give your office space a good overall disinfectant cleaning once a week or have your cleaning company do this for you. It is essential in lowering the transfer of germs and illness throughout an office building.

•Cell Phone
These have become a staple in our society and because of this we take our little companions everywhere we go. Our cells/media devises are breeding grounds for more germs than we can possibly imagine. Ensure that you use cell disinfectant wipes regularly as bacteria can transfer readily to your hands, ears, cheeks and mouth. Ew.

•Handrails/Elevator Buttons
These are in constant use and coated with germs with several different origins. If you company has either, make sure to frequently wash your hands after you have come in contact with them and have your cleaning company disinfect and wipe these down regularly.

•Cold Hard Cash
Does your company handle money throughout the day? Money carries a host of germs, namely pneumococcus and Staphylococcus. Avoid touching your face if you are handling money throughout your day, germs are easily and quickly spread while money is exchanging hands. Be aware and be clean.

•Kitchen/Staff Area
To avoid illness being spread throughout your employees kitchen or staff area, always ensure that you or your cleaning company use new dish rags and sponges or have them disinfected often. If reused and not sanitized they host a family of E. coli, salmonella and Staphylococcus. Bon appetite!

Toilet seats have been given a bad rap. Their sisters in grime, the sink, carry tons more bacteria than they do. If your cleaning company is not thorough in this area, sinks will become unsuspecting breeding grounds for spreading germs. Beware and take care.

Germs make us sick, our role is to keep work spaces clean by knowing where to find germs throughout our office buildings and keeping certain areas extra clean and regularly sanitized. Keep germ spreading to a minimum and enhance work productivity to a maximum.

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Kari Waldner is the owner of Scrub Masters Commercial Cleaning, a company that specializes in janitorial services for businesses located in Saskatoon. For more information check out their web site at