To achieve online success before anything else you must first establish a web presence and it doesn't stop there! The next step is very crucial and involves you developing a recognizable internet brand that in most cases will be a positive and reputable image! It is important to realize that in order for you to build your business you must first gain the attention and trust of the people to whom you'll promote! The products and/or services you offer will do you little good unless you have a strong internet brand to back them!

Here are 3 reasons it is the image you create and NOT the goods you offer that will help you build your business and find prosperity online!

Products Come and Go

Let's face it people are not going to buy from you unless they feel comfortable doing so and this starts with your image! It's not really about the product or service since they can likely get either elsewhere but more about how folks perceive you! It is your image or the reputation you've forged that ultimately helps you build your business online! If people don't trust or know of you it matters little what you have to offer!

Dazzling Sites – Whatever

Don't get me wrong your site is important insofar as it must be engaging enough to hold the visitors attention and deliver useful or intriguing information! On the other hand don't overlook the time and effort needed to develop your internet brand by spending too much time 'fine tuning' that marvelous website! This is a case where if you build it folks will NOT simply show up and make purchases! Your web presence is important but of more importance is what actions people take once they land on your site! If the image you've developed is one of trust, credibility and reliability, then people will feel a whole lot more comfortable spending money with you!

It Starts With You!

The theme you choose around which to base your internet brand and the way you also choose to approach it counts for EVERYTHING! Let's face it, this is the 'world wide web' so folks have seen it all, except for what you have to offer which is uniquely YOU! The image that will be your brand needs to be consistent with what you do and in this way it will be an asset that serves to help build your business!

Online success is more a reflection of the type of internet brand you've developed in terms of how others perceive you or what you represent! Obviously an easily recognizable web presence that projects a positive image is what it takes to build your business therefore focus must be given to developing your internet brand! The discussion above breaks down into 3 reasons as to why your branding efforts are so crucial to how successful you'll become. In the end it doesn't matter what products or services you have to offer if buyers don't recognize you in a way that is both credible and trustworthy!

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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