In most cases your online success as it relates to building your business grows over time! Working online is a process that offers results that get better with age just like wine! Much like being a tortoise as opposed to the hare becoming successful on the internet is more an act of endurance! This is why so many fall short because they do not have patience enough to allow their businesses to develop!

If you really want to succeed in building your business on the internet here are 3 areas of discipline you'll need to master!


The single biggest key to becoming successful working online is to develop an easily recognizable online presence! Of course having this presence also requires that it be a positive image it projects for it to help you in terms of building your business! What we're ultimately talking about here is establishing a reputation or brand and this calls for both consistency in how you reinforce your image and also requires you have patience as well! Developing a strong and positive reputation takes time although tarnishing it can be done overnight so a consistent and focused effort is needed in this area!


Speaking of focus, you'll need plenty of this in not only building your brand but also in building your business! Strategies will need to be selected, implemented and tested for their effectiveness as well as keeping a keen eye consumer demand as it may trend upward or even down! It makes little sense to continue investing time or money into a market with a declining demand! On the other hand identifying and acting upon upward trends make it much easier for building your business but your focus will be required!


Perhaps the greatest test of your discipline when working online will be your resolve! You must have patience since for the most part results will not come over-night in terms of becoming successful financially speaking! Building your business takes time and is a process but if you can maintain a productive effort and focus you stand a much better chance of succeeding!

Online success in terms of building your business requires time so you can develop both your skills and relationships! In fact becoming successful on the internet is much like riding a bike, the longer you stick with it the easier it becomes! Having said that it appears that the biggest obstacle facing many is they don't have patience enough to maintain their own efforts and therefore quit before they succeed! Building your business will require that you maintain your discipline in the 3 areas we discussed here today! Unfortunately too many still approach working online as something that will appeal to their strong sense of instant gratification! This mindset will not get you very far and is a major reason many do fail at becoming successful as online entrepreneurs!

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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