Now that you are considering retirement or are newly retired, you are undoubtedly thinking about things that you can do that your schedule did not allow for in the past. We all have huge, wandering trips where we go to far-flung locations on exotic adventures, right? Have you stopped to think about what adventures await you in your own backyard (or close to it)? Keep in mind that many offer reduced prices or even sometimes free admissions and you can go when all of the other folks are busy at work (that is satisfying enough just by itself!).


In most major cities, there are amazing museums that range from art to zoology. They offer new perspectives on the past and can help you appreciate how far we have come even just in the past 35 years or so. Museums are also wonderful places to just sit and be quiet and contemplate your ideal life in retirement. They also provide an ideal place to enhance your learning to keep you brain engaged which is important at all stages of life but particularly in retirement.


Since the economic downturn, libraries have been a haven for many who are choosing to do their internet browsing at the library and are borrowing books instead of purchasing them. If you have not been to your local library in a while, now is the time to check it out. In many libraries around the country, you can purchase books at a greatly reduced price and check out DVDs instead of renting them. Libraries are also a wonderful place to sit and read the newspaper or a magazine. After all, if you read them and leave them at the library, they are not cluttering up your house!

Walking Trails and Parks

Depending on the time of year, walking trails and parks can be a wonderful way to spend some of your day. You can exercise (which is vitally important) and commune with nature. You can also take a book to read or a notebook to write your thoughts on this new phase of your life. You can also take your best canine or human friend on a walk if you want company.

Public Buildings such as Capitals or Historic Churches

Not everyone has access to public buildings in their city but many cities do have beautiful, historic buildings such as churches or old homes. Visiting a historic building is a fascinating way to spend an afternoon. You can think about the historic people who have inhabited the building before you and observe the wonderful architecture. Many also include beautiful paintings and sculptures that are available for viewing. During non-busy periods, these public buildings can also be a wonderful place to get out of the house, gain a new perspective, and contemplate your ideal life in retirement.

These are but a few ideas of free or low-cost ways of spending time in wonderful places in your own backyard. One thing that you might want to do in making a list of the places that you want to visit is to get a visitor’s guide from the local Chamber of Commerce. Since we live in a town or city, it is easy to overlook the obvious but this resource can help you plan your itinerary (and it is often free as well). What are you waiting for, it’s time to create your own adventure in your own backyard!

Author's Bio: 

Judy Juricek is passionate about helping women in their 40's, 50's, and 60's attract, plan for, and live their IDEAL lives in retirement through exercises, questions, coupled with thought, soul searching, and writing. She is the President of Attract Your Ideal Retirement, Inc.