Your passive aggressiveness and your money do affect each other and you may not be noticing it. You may be holding yourself back by your behavior and do not think it is you but someone else.

Domineering parent

When you are a child you may have been control by a domineering parental figure and the word wait did not mean a thing for them and when they ask you to do something no matter what it was you had to do it right away whether you wanted to or not.

Even inside of you may have felt angry or that it was a sense of injustice you still had to do it and that feeling of having to do it whether you wanted to or not contribute to being passive aggressive.

As you grow older and meet people whether as friends or at work you may find that you are constantly rebelling inside of you to those who seem to want to tell you what to do and do not understand why you rebel.

You may not verbally say how you feel to people in authority but inside of you may be burning up because you may feel that they lead with a sense of justice when they ask you to do something on their time.

These hurtful feelings may remind you of your past with your controlling parental figure and you may not consciously realize it or understand why you are acting out to your boss or someone in authority.

You do not get up each day looking for someone in authority to be rebelling against yet it has become a part of your life that you may not see that you are attracting the people and events to keep you in that same feeling weekly.

Take away the feelings

Whether your parental figure was controlling you to help you have a better life later on or was doing this because it was the best thing for you that still does not take away the feelings that you had inside of you and still do today and you cannot remove the feelings just logically knowing this was the reason because it was created from what you felt as a child.

You maybe recreating this feeling daily that makes you feel you have no other choice and you resent it as you did as a child.

Sense of responsibility

You may hold yourself back subconsciously from becoming very successful for that would mean that you may feel you have a sense of responsibility to take care of that parental figure who was controlling you as a child and you would rather stay poor all of you life than to help your parental figure or yourself.

You are not necessarily doing this consciously yet you may notice that you are not making more than your parental figure or if you did it is not enough for you to help that person.

You can break the pattern and achieve financial success and this will ask of you to change your behavior and your reactions to those in control, and stop blaming others for how you feel or respond for it belongs to you.

Conclusion : Your passive aggressiveness and your money are working together and when you understand and take the step to heal this you will see a difference in your finance.

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