Have you ever heard the phrase “History is the best indicator of future performance.”? This is a true statement – to an extent.

Our past successes and failures will only predict our future, if we let them. What do I mean by this?

Let’s use money and bankruptcy as an example. Let’s say that you have had to file bankruptcy in the past. This event does not mean that you are doomed to financial failure in the future. It’s simply an indicator of your behavior during that period of time in reference to money. It means you didn’t know how to manage an aspect of your financial life to the degree necessary to continue without filing.

If, during the process, you learned how to manage your finances better, earn more money and live within your means then it does not mean that you are a financial failure.

If, however, you simply used this event as a way to discharge debts that you were unable to pay and have not learned how to better manage your resources, then history could repeat itself later down the road.

This example works in every area of our lives. Does the event (good or bad) predict the future for us? Only if we do not learn from the event. If it’s a good event, how do we repeat this success? If it’s a bad event, what did we learn from this not to do?

Our failures typically are some of the biggest blessings in our lives – of course this is after the sting has past. We usually learn more from our failures than we do from our successes. John Maxwell has said from stage that if he were to do a seminar on what he has learned from his successes, he would be able to do one for a day. If, however, he were to do one on what he has learned from his failures, he could teach for a week!

Your Purpose in life is not dependent on your past. Your Purpose can draw from what you have learned from your past (and in many cases does). Your Purpose is dependent upon what is in your heart. What it is that you are wired for. Your wiring and talents/skills is what Your Purpose is based upon. Your Vision and Your Destiny flow out of Your Purpose. Your Vision is based upon what you see as a result of Your Purpose.

Your past does not create your future. Your choice to engage in your future based upon Your Purpose knowing your past does create your future.

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Your Purpose, Vision and Destiny Coach,


Author's Bio: 

Andy Craig has 15+ years of self-development and leadership study under his belt. In 2006, he attended a leadership seminar that started him on his path to life coaching. After conversations with fellow students, he realized that he had a rare gift: the gift to inspire. Shortly after, Andy took on his first coaching client and saw a huge shift in him during their time working together. That was all it took to motivate him to help other people, pouring into their lives and seeing them understand who they are, what they are able to do, and discover their Purpose, Vision and Destiny in life.

Andy started Abundant Life Coaching with the intent of providing individuals and companies achieve the results they desire. (Open and honest communication is also high on his priority list!) A “glass half-full” kind of guy, Andy’s positive attitude and boundless energy permeates in everything he does. His Christian core values help him see the God-given potential that is within each person, and he strives to assist them in drawing it out.


Andy has a Bachelor’s of Arts degree in Speech in the Business Environment from the University of Washington. He has also done extensive training and studying through Klemmer & Assoc. His professional work includes 10+ years of sales and marketing in the auto, home and life insurance industries. He has also worked in the Direct Sales Industry, Home Improvement Industry, Automobile Industry, and multiple network marketing companies. Additionally, Andy speaks to audiences around the United States, and was recently the keynote speaker for the network marketing company Dream Tree Family.