"...Inner happiness actually is the fuel for success" Dr, John Hagelin

You might feel like you are doing and thinking the right things- maybe you have a goal poster, affirmations, a strong vision, and you are action oriented- but you have some goals that seem to remain elusive. There are a few things you can consider- one is that the joy and happiness needs to be in place first- two is that you may have a limiting belief in play (I am not worthy, I don't deserve this, etc),and three - you may need to expand your capacity to receive.

Create your happiness first. Feel good and think good thoughts. Sounds simple- but in reality is challenging for many. You can raise your level of happiness with techniques like using an appreciation journal, be loving, moving your body, listening to music, meditating, prayer, getting close to nature, refusing to indulge in things like complaining, circular thinking, worrying. The more you practice these techniques- the more you will notice higher levels of happiness in your life.

Release limiting beliefs. The first part to releasing limiting beliefs is to be able to recognize them. Use your emotions to help you see limiting beliefs. If you are feeling "bad" you often have a limiting belief that is in play. The belief might be some version of "I am not worthy" or "good things never last" and the list could go on. Recognizing the limiting belief is sometimes enough to release it. Other times- a belief can hang on stubbornly. In these cases, you can write down all of the thoughts and feelings you have around that belief. Then tear it up and rewrite the situation and thoughts the way that you want them to be. Fold up the paper and carry it with you in your wallet and read it often. When you release a limiting belief- you feel freedom and create room for manifesting your goals.

Expand your capacity to receive. Do you have trouble accepting gifts? Do you say "Oh, you shouldn't have" instead of "thank you" when someone presents you with a gift? Maybe you love giving, but have a hard time accepting gifts. This is an area where I have struggled. Here is a fun exercise. Write down one of your goals. Then write down- I am receiving (your goal) now. Do this for each aspect of your goals or vision statements. Notice your feelings and thoughts as you do this. Do you feel a shift in your energy?

Practice cultivating happiness, release limiting beliefs,and expand your capacity to receive. You will begin to see those elusive goals manifest in your life.

Author's Bio: 

Sheri Kaye Hoff, MA, CGCL, is a Life Coach, Amazon and Barnes and Noble Author of Keys to Living Joyfully. Sheri is the creator of the brand new audio: Inspired Action, the brand new eBook Living Successfully and Joyfully Everyday: 90 Days of Inspiration and the founder of Your Path to Success Telesummits and Your Path to Success Club. Coach Sheri encourages you to Be the Inspiration.