Should you get involved in accidents and suffer personal injury, your first call should be to your Pennsylvania personal injury attorney. Your PA personal injury lawyer is there to ensure that your claim for compensation is in place. You have the required paperwork done, and you’ve got sufficient evidence to prove liability.

After all, you did not choose to get involved in the accident. Your personal injury is likely caused by someone else; another person’s negligence.

What is Negligence

In cases of accidents that result in personal injury, the most common cause is someone else’s negligence.

Negligence pertains to a person’s carelessness and lack of attention. It can lead to minor inconveniences, such as misplaced items and missed appointments. In worse cases, it can get someone into accidents.

It is important to hold a negligent person, establishment or business responsible for their actions. Negligence, as the cause of personal injury, is an unforgivable offense. Victims did not have to suffer had a person or business been more conscientious of their actions.

What Can Your Pennsylvania Personal Injury Lawyer Do in Cases of Accidents

As much as we want to turn back time, we can’t. Accidents happen; and victims are left to deal with the consequences – sometimes, for a long time.

When you experience accidents that cause you personal injury, turn to your Pennsylvania personal injury attorney for help.

Your PA personal injury lawyer is there to guarantee that you have a solid claim, backed by evidence, testimonies and the rule of law. This is the only way that you can get the full compensation due you. Remember that you will be going up against not just the defending person or business. But, you also have to deal with insurance companies that want to pay the least amount of compensation possible. A good PA personal injury lawyer can ensure that you have a solid case against these parties.

Causes of Pennsylvania Personal Injury

At the core of accidents that cause personal injury is negligence. Negligence gets people hurt, with physical, mental and emotional repercussions that can be long-term.

In the US, negligence is central to the four top accidents:

  • Slips and falls – Call an accident lawyer for help.
  • Motor vehicle accidents – Get the help of accident lawyers.
  • Medical malpractice – Make sure to have an expert PA personal injury lawyer on your side.
  • Dog bites – Act fast with the help of PA personal injury attorneys.

Of these, dog bites come with a bit more complications. Dog bites fall under a statute of limitations. This means that you have to act fast when you want to file a case against the owner of the dog. You can only file a complaint within a limited time period.

Likewise, with dog bites, you need to prove that the dog wasn’t provoke and that it is prone to unprovoked attacks. This is too much for a non-legal expert to handle. It is best to turn to a Pennsylvania personal injury lawyer for help. This is true for dog bites, and other accidents caused by negligence.

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