Have you ever considered the awesome power of the Law of Attraction? It can manifest so many great things in your life. Have you ever considered using it to help others? Does it work that way? Can it work that way?

The Law of Attraction works upon the concept of like attracting like. You can manifest your future through goal setting, positive affirmations and belief. This works great for you, but how about for others?

Oprah's show "The Big Give" was about how people just like you can open their minds and hearts and help others in need. The Law of Attraction can be used in your own version of the Big Give.

If you wrap your arms around someone and send out positive energy, two things will happen. First your positive energy will fill them while going out into the Universe. The second thing is that your resonance will begin to resonate within them. Do you remember a scene in a movie or cartoon in which a woman sings such a high note that it shatters glass. That is because the note she is singing begins to make the molecules in the glass vibrate as well.

Some people cannot sing into the Universe and use the Law of Attraction the way you can. They could use your help to have them vibrate positively. How do you do this?

You can help others using the Law of Attraction just by being a catalyst for what they want. If I'm holding the vision of what someone is wanting, even if they don't know how to for themselves, then I can be a catalyst to helping them get up to speed with what they want. But if they do not want what I'm holding for them in my own vision, they are not a vibrational match. I cannot force my will or assert into their experience. There is no law of assertion. There is only Law of Attraction.

So how can you help enhance others vibrations? Let us look at the chimes example. Sound is made out of waves. One chime will make a certain sound at a certain volume. If there are other similar chimes around that chime, the sound is enhanced. When more than one chime is struck that is similar, then the volume is much louder.

The Law of Attraction is the same. You can help others by matching their vibrations. It is of course important to surround yourself with others that are similar vibrations. This means that positive energy not only attracts positive energy, but it can enhance positive energy...

Life coaches know this very well. We can help others by cheering them on and giving clients encouragement along the way. This helps to enhance and soothe their energy and creates a "louder sound" in the Universe. The response from the Universe is more direct and quicker.

You can help others by giving them words of encouragement. Another way is to help others with selfless acts of goodness and prosperity. Giving thanks to others not only raises our vibration, but also boosts others.

The Law of Attraction is about so much more than just the new car or new home. It is about uplifting those around you and through positive deeds and actions, we raise our own vibrations.

Try it. Help others understand how to positively utilize the Law of Attraction in their lives. Spread the word. Help others on their paths and in the process you will be helping yourself on yours. Give someone a gift of the heart and you will be repaid tenfold.

Author's Bio: 

Eva Gregory, is a master Law of Attraction coach, speaker, author, and conscious channel. Regularly featured on radio and in the media, Eva is a recognized authority on the Law of Attraction. Her latest book Life Lessons for Mastering the Law of Attraction co-authored with Jack Canfield of Chicken Soup fame, and one of the featured teachers in The Secret can be found in bookstores. In her work, Eva brings through her loving, non-physical guides known as Theos. Want to know more? Please accept her complimentary audio recording, “How to Connect with Your Own Divine Guidance and Get Answers Now! http://www.yourguidanceondemand.com/