Do you ever find yourself repeating patterns that make you unhappy or that you know are unhealthy?

Do you sometimes overreact to a situation or feel like a small child without understanding why?

Do you wonder why some people seem to flow through life with grace and ease while you struggle and can never seem to get, or keep, what you want?

My clients face these problems and more, and often come to me when they are desperate, afraid and worried that their lives will never get better. Sometimes their unhealthy habits have gotten out of control or they have found themselves in yet another bad relationship or dead-end job that barely supports them and drains their energy.

Often, by the time they contact me, they have tried traditional therapy, read self-help books or attended personal growth classes trying to resolve their issues. While some of these things may have been helpful, they have not brought the consistent, long-lasting, positive results they’ve been searching for. Rather, after a short period of relief, they often find themselves back at square one, more discouraged than before.

They come to me because my approach is different and something in it speaks to them. Even though they may be skeptical and not fully understand what I do, they sense that it may finally be a way to break out of old unsupportive patterns and cycles. And they are right!

So, what makes what I do different from more traditional coaching or therapy? ENERGY….and approaching everything from the understanding that everything is made up of energy. If we only address issues from what our mind knows, and don’t pay attention to the underlying energetic imprints of our experiences, thoughts and beliefs, we will never clear the energy field and be able create new neural pathways based on new thoughts, beliefs and emotions. We will continually be having to apply tools, techniques and processes to deal with repeating patterns, rather than erase them all together from our cellular memory. Would you rather keep trying continually to fix something that’s not working or remove it once and for all? I choose removal!

In my last blog, “Dieting, Dating and Your DNA”, I introduced the idea that we live in a vibrational Universe and that everything is made up of energy, vibrating at different energetic frequencies. To simplify, think of the dial on your radio. If you turn the dial to 92.5 you will tune into a particular station with certain music or talk shows. If you turn the dial to 104.2 you will hear a very different type of music or talk show. Each station is transmitting on a different frequency and sharing music or information chosen by its owner or program manager. Listeners are attracted to the station that plays at a frequency that they resonate with, which matches their personal preferences and beliefs. Likewise, you will attract people, situations and circumstances into your life that match the vibrational frequency that you are transmitting, your personal energy signature.

So, here’s the thing. If you answered YES to any of the questions above, you’ve got some old, unsupportive programs running that carry a low vibrational frequency and continue to attract things into your life that match that frequency. Emotions that carry low vibrations are shame, guilt, despair, fear, grief, unworthiness and powerlessness. Feelings with very high vibrations include joy, appreciation, empowerment, freedom, love, passion, enthusiasm, eagerness and happiness. All other emotions fall somewhere in between and we all have a range of vibrational frequency that we hang out in, our vibrational bandwidth, if you will. Since our personal energy signature is made up primarily of our subconscious programming, which by definition is outside of our conscious awareness, we usually don’t understand why we keep attracting things we don’t want, or repeating patterns that don’t serve us.

The first step to creating awareness about why this keeps happening is to take a look at what’s not working in your life. Is it relationships, finances, work, health, personal growth or a combination of these? Holding in mind whichever of these feels the most potent, imagine how you would want that aspect of your life to look. What or how would you rather be, do or have instead of what you are currently experiencing? Really allow yourself to use all of your senses to see, feel, hear, smell, and touch what you would prefer. Connect with the feeling you will have when whatever this is, is in your life. It may be a way of being (peaceful, calm, trusting), something you want to have (partner, more money, a home) or something you want to do (change jobs, paint, write a book). REALLY FEEL IT. Then repeat this phrase and fill in the blank, “I can’t be, do or have this because XX”. Whatever comes immediately to mind is a core limiting belief. This may be something you already know or it may come as a complete surprise. Either way, don’t push it away. It’s valuable information. Allow it to sink it, allow yourself to feel it fully and then allow yourself to be curious about where that belief came from. You may want to write some things down as your mind processes this information. Be gentle with yourself, as you may have uncovered some old, painful wounds.

Congratulations, you have taken you first step toward conscious awareness of the beliefs and patterns that have been holding you back from being all you can be. Stay tuned for upcoming blogs that will give you more information and tips for clearing out your old programs and creating a more authentic, passionate and purpose-filled life.

Author's Bio: 

Catherine Ewing, Chief Inspirational Officer of Reawaken Your Dreamer, is a Transformational Coach with a diverse background as a psychotherapist, energy practitioner, ordained minister, women's advocate and teacher of the mind/body/spirit connection. She leads clients through journeys of self-discovery, personal transformation and spiritual awakening by creating a safe place where they can explore the inner landscape of their psyche, the wisdom of their heart and the language of their Soul