How to determine your personal year for this year 2022.Add the total sum of your month and day of birth to 6 (the number of the universal year 2022). For example March 3 is 3+3+6=12=1+2=3 personal year. Or October 4 is l+0+4+6=11=1+1=2 personal year. Or December 25 is 1+2+2+5+6=16=1+6=7 personal year (master numbers have not been included here). Find your personal year below.

If you are in a 1 personal year-If you have dreamed of a utopia and believed in a perfect society to come, this could be the year that brings some signs that we are moving toward this. Through the clouds of darkness a glimmer of brighter light shines forth. You can have an important role in bringing out the light. By clearing your own dark side, you make it easier to see how badly darkness is entrenched in our world. And, you may experience an air of optimism as you see the old model collapse and falter from eons of abuse, mismanagement and tyrannical leadership. It is time to hone your own spiritual skills and do your part to bring in a lighter world of cooperation, creativity and compliance with the divine order, not human domination.

You will very likely feel an increased urge to recognize and refine talents yet untapped. There are higher planes of information and a more pure type of energetic impulse coming in from outer reaches and higher levels of the universe. You may be one who grasps these archetypes early and can bring it into manifestation for the masses.

If you are in a 2 personal year-You might want to take a look at which way the wind blows before taking any major steps. Matters of money management and mainstream values are particularly suspect until matters sort themselves out over the next few months. Trust in the deeper self is urgent now as external sources are so wildly bizarre and often misleading. Sometimes one has to play the social polite politics of the day, until you know the other person’s position clearly. Brash and impulsive action could create adversity with a potentially valuable ally. You meet people who can be of assistance to your fondest dreams and wishes. It can be a special year if you pay attention to spiritual clues and unite with aware associates.

Are you going to be caught up like a sheep in the changes and unprecedented events of the day? Those around you are may not know who they are, or what they want, or how to handle chaos. You can be ahead of the consciousness crisis by knowing who you are and being in touch with true self.

If you are in a 3 personal year-You could be called upon to speak up and speak out this year as you identify the depth and breadth of darkness plaguing your world. Does your voice reflect the magnitude of your inner truth and depth of your wisdom? Or, does it perhaps mask dark emotions and internal troubles yet unrecognized and unresolved? You can be dynamic, daring and convicting in your public presentations. You may choose to sing or act for fun or for profession by the time this year is over. Your openness can be a breath of fresh air, if you offer truth with a touch of consideration, compassion and the candid. Amid the confusion and misguidance of the times you are able to sort out a bright path and uplifting spirit.

To learn the ways of another culture and observe how different people cope with the matters of life can inspire expanded and more diverse ways of handling life’s coming challenges. You become more skilled at rendering assistance to those in crisis. Through service rendered you will learn much more about the potentials you have and skills you were not using.

If you are in a 4 personal year-You may have to work at establishing better discipline and self determination during this year, or others may assume more of your responsibilities. If you pay attention to developing your creative talents, you will have many blessings and rewards coming your way. It could become more apparent that you let someone else tell you what to do rather than trusting your own feelings and personal guidance. If emotional fears have dictated too much of your life, this is a good year to release yourself from emotional slavery. This is a good year to set a specific itinerary and goals for the year, stick to it, and prosper in many ways. Greater emotional maturity and freedom is within reach with additional attention and determination.

You could be called upon to bring easing and comfort to many people whose life has been disrupted and torn apart by unexpected circumstances in our times. Improvement of your appearance and styling can help you better attract supporters to that in which you believe. You will be placed in position to make a stand about issues facing you and your community.

If you are in a 5 personal year-You find yourself reexamining your life purpose and goals.. If you have been letting some other force, or other person, make your important decisions, this may be a time to take better control of your own direction in life. External global and national economic trends may place you in a situation that can require change in the direction of your work or intentions this year. If you look at options and prepare for that possibility, you will not be caught unprepared if it happens. Listen to your gut feelings and intuition, and be particularly aware of misleading remarks from outside traditional sources that may have the effect of throwing you off course.

This is a good time for you to recognize the difference between discipline and compulsiveness. You find some time for a break in your work that allows for some fun and freedom of expression. Upon your return to work, you will have a refreshing different perspective about what you are doing and what you would truly like to be doing. You come out refreshed, rather than mired in the muddy waters of the day.

If you are in a 6 personal year-Perhaps you have you been running away from life, commitment and responsibility? If so, as this year unfolds, you will be able to better understand your pattern of fright and flight. You may be letting the system or other people determine your decisions, rather than take an informed and enlightened course. Some of your deeper concerns will come into manifestation this year as the external world continues on a chaotic and out of control path. Taking steps now to get yourself in control will better enable you to be effective with changes coming this year. You will find outside support as you come across new connections with people of the same quest.

Unrealistic and controlling social edicts increase at this time making choices more difficult and making it more important for you to make the right choices when called upon. You can stand tall and stand clear in your assertion of rights of freedom and manifestation of universal laws. If you love truth, it is time to live your truth.

If you are in a 7 personal year- External truth is more elusive than ever this year, and your trust of inner wisdom will take you through some tough hoops and over some high deceptive hurdles. You could very well come in contact with a shaman, guru, or life coach type of mentor who can help bring you a teaching with huge benefits. There may be confusion between the heart and the head as this year is off to a new start. What you are feeling and what you are thinking may not match up. You can find yourself weighed down by the pressure of trying to meet someone else who had control over your life for a long time. An inner relationship is developing within you and you attract a partner who balances your polarities, and brings welcomed support into your life

Although it might take you some extra time in finding the things you want, you will gain momentum in strength and clarity as the year progresses. A look at the way your parents manipulated authority with their emotional games can bring you understanding and further release from the past. With less pressure from the negative side you foster an improved outlook for the future.

If you are in an 8 personal year- You will observe conflicts and confrontation among religious leaders this year. Secular authorities will make shambles of doctrine. These come as the result of uncovering of hidden truths and release of new information about human history, including contact with entities from other worlds. Such revelations will deeply impact your own system of belief and faith. Perhaps guilt from your own overzealous authoritative past still lingers within your heart. You are braced to experience a huge leap of faith and trust in higher forces. You can help to make that happen as you work out some long buried issues with abusive and misuse of authority.

For many of you who are searchers of light this is a time of developing a deeper relationship with your own inner truth and faith. There are many lies, limitations and liabilities that will impact your life this year. A finely honed relationship with the inner Self can help you through this time of chaos, confusion and critical decision making.

If you are in a 9 personal year-This is a time to recognize and develop your best inherent skills of administration, leadership and supervision. All of these will be useful before this year is over, as social systems around you become fragile and chaotic. You will be off guard by an out of control authoritative individual or institution before the year is over. You have karmic history of abuse by leadership gone out of control. If you have had aspirations to manage or lead, this year can find you placed in a good place to do so. You will have the opportunity to put in practice some of your idealistic ideas management and encouragement. You dream of a better world, and can add to making it that way this year .

Things may not come about in the manner you had expected, so be prepared to be surprised (or be ready). For the awakened there is a new set of universal directives coming into the material realm at this time. Perhaps you are one of those who will perceive these and are able to administer these principles to the aid and assistance of others.

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Lynn Buess MA, EdS has affectionately been referred to as the grandfather of modern American numerology. Or, sometimes more quaintly as “old man numbers”. With over 50 years of study and practice: he has written more than a dozen books, spent over a dozen years of international travel in over a dozen countries teaching and conducting personal sessions. His list of creative contributions to the field continues to grow with each passing cycle of his professional journey. He has for decades been ahead of the pack with his insight and foresight.

He offers an unprecedented blend of psychology, cosmology and spirituality to numerology. With a background of conducting decades of therapy sessions, past life regressions, healing sessions (sound, color, crystals. and more) and dozens of exorcisms, he has a vast reservoir of knowledge and experience that adds to his numerical acumen. His vision is constantly expanding and seeking to integrate ever changing patterns of human spiritual evolution.