Ever had one of those days? You know . . . a day where everything seems to go wrong? You break the coffee pot, step on a piece of glass while cleaning it up; are late for work because of the huge line at the gas station; hit every red light, and miss the green one because the driver in front of you was too busy texting. We've all had one of those days. And when we do, our attention seems to stay fixated on whatever bad is going on—a stubbed toe, a rude comment, a fearful thought, etc. Yes, these are all inconveniences, even painful at times. But there is good news!

That bad day? It's just A day. You can mope around; get so involved in every little detail of the "bad" day, that you miss all the great things happening in between. “Nothing good happening,” you say? I beg to differ. There are always lots of good things happening all the time. Trouble is, we’re so used to them, that they’re taken for granted. Let’s look at some examples.

You woke up breathing. You had something to eat, a roof over your head; access to a shower, support from loved ones, a job. If you think about it, there are always good things to drown out the few bad things that are happening. But let’s say the bad day is really getting you down. What can you do?

• Call a loved one whom you know is a good listener. An objective person may be able to put things into perspective. When we’re down it’s easy to lose our clarity.
• Listen to some soothing music. This can calm your mind and relax your body.
• Go for a walk if you can. Exercise helps release the hormones called endorphins—natural pain and stress fighters.
• Take a deep breath and release the negative energy. Notice how your shoulders are crawling up to your ears when you’re upset. Bring them down.
• Watch or read something funny. Humor is a great way to bring you to a better place. You might even forget what you were upset about.

Days come and go. Understandably the irritating ones can bring you down. But keep this in mind; days are sort of like waves . . . some are big, some small, some barely there. When the big one comes, just ride it out; it will pass. They all do. Don’t allow yourself to drown in the melodrama. Our lives are in constant motion, just like the ocean. Sometimes you might just have to take a little beating. But when you do, pick yourself up, and carry yourself to shore. Rest and know that the next wave may not be so big, maybe just barely there.

Author's Bio: 

Rossana Snee is a Marriage & Family Therapist. She has worked with individuals, couples, and families. Her present focus, however, is working with young women in their 20s, specifically 21 - 26. She facilitates a monthly group called An Afternoon With Josh's Mom, whereby she guides, empowers, and promotes self-love. Her goal is to provide these young women with the guidance to make decisions in their best interest.

Visit her at askjoshsmom.com, https://www.facebook.com/askjoshsmom, and Twitter (@askjoshsmom). She endeavors to inspire and motivate, and to be a springboard for her reader's self-growth.