Although having a small business blog does involve keeping it updated, it is a great marketing platform for anybody working online! In fact internet marketing blogs are becoming increasingly more popular due to their flexibility and undeniable effectiveness!

Here are 3 significant blog benefits any online business can expect to experience provided they keep the site updated!

Attracts Targeted Traffic

Since your blogging topic is 'niche specific' the traffic you do attract is typically highly focused on the updates you offer! The content you post 'serves' to filter out those who do not have a genuine interest in the subject matter! This means your traffic is targeted which is a tremendous advantage to anybody working online and another reason why internet marketing blogs are great marketing platforms!

Develops Trust

Trust is a very big asset to have with others simply because if you are trusted, your product recommendations will carry more weight! Being visitors are allowed free access to any interesting content you offer their resistance is therefore lowered and their trust tends to grow! One of the biggest blog benefits you can expect to enjoy is how 'seamlessly' you are able to gain the confidence of your readers! You do not need to go through any extra effort to build trust and loyalty since this is something that automatically tends to occur once you've been blogging for a while! The more you offer in terms of free and useful content, the greater this trust is that readers feel towards you!

No 'Squeezing' For Contact Information

We've all heard about the importance of building a list when working online and this is often done with the use of a squeeze page! Now this has proven to be a very effective strategy however the one 'flaw' squeeze pages offer is that you typically have only ONE chance to capture the contact information! Worse yet is that if people choose NOT to opt in, you'll likely never see them again! Since internet marketing blogs do NOT place 'conditions' on people wanting to view any updates, they are much more likely to return! This means you have multiple chances to capture names provided you have an opt in box placed on your site!

Using a small business blog when working online offers many advantages and thus explains its growing recognition as being a great marketing platform! Although internet marketing blogs do not require much in terms of technical skills to build and operate, they must be updated to remain effective! Our discussion above focuses on 3 important blog benefits that typical websites do not offer and helps further explain their growing popularity! The point is that these platforms are 'visitor' friendly which of course is why they make such great marketing platforms for businesses big and small! The blog benefits discussed here today are just 3 more reasons why blogging needs to be part of your online business strategy!

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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