I wrote and published a book years ago (available on - that was titled YOUR SOUL IS CALLING: WILL YOU ACCEPT THE CALL? It was written during a time that followed my near death experience and all of the previously closed channels to my own voice and pure connection with my soul had been blown wide open. The messages and eternal wisdom from my soul came pouring through with such great speed and frequency that I found myself writing every single day. Poems, articles, information for books all came pouring through me and I felt compelled to remind others of their own direct connection to the intuitive, divine wisdom within their own souls. Not much has changed since then! I still have that same sense of passion for expansion and growth and feel continually inspired to empower others to embrace their own limitless capacity for creating an amazing life for themselves.

I came to realize (during the time that I wrote that book) that I had long since outgrown the limitations and restrictions imposed upon me as a child. Don’t get me wrong, I had incredible parents who loved me, nurtured me, and did what most parents in our community did – we went to church every Sunday. So while I was attending a Methodist church each Sunday –which I have many beautiful memories of – I was also attending Catholic school during the week. This is where we were taught to strictly believe in a powerful authoritarian God that would only love us if we adhered to certain rules and guidelines and if we didn’t … well… we would go to “hell” — but before that you could be banished from the church or judged/ridiculed by others if you didn’t abide by their rules of “right” and “wrong.” The messages implied that we are fundamentally flawed and untrustworthy and so we must seek our authority outside ourselves. This created confusion within me because my soul was telling me that this information didn’t feel expansive nor did I feel liberated. Instead, I felt stifled, guilty, and wrong for having such ridiculous questions in my mind. I can recall asking the nuns at my school questions when I felt the teachings weren’t clear or that they were even contradictory. I was told to be quiet and not to ask such questions. We were meant to follow and not lead with our own intuitive feelings. Once out of that environment, I did begin to seek the answers to all of my questions through books and literature that offered me comfort and solace knowing that others felt as I did. They also knew that “God” wasn’t a vengeful “man” sitting on a throne judging our every move; condemning us when we didn’t follow man-made rules perfectly. It was very liberating and comforting to expand upon those limited teachings and begin my own spiritual quest for understanding, awareness, knowledge, growth, and expansion.

I do acknowledge that the religious training I had as a child may have been necessary for my own human development and direction at the time. There were many positive experiences with family and friends and a sense of connectedness. It did instill in me a sense of right and wrong (although sometimes that was a little bit faulty and warped because right and wrong is very subjective)– but it helped me develop a conscience and taught me how to respect others. One of the things I still find interesting is that although I respect and honor each and every individual’s path to God, most strictly religious individuals who never ventured beyond the man-made religion they were raised with- still condemn ”spiritual” individuals like myself for not believing precisely as they do. Funny that they don’t see the hypocrisy in judging others while they claim their own righteousness. With the expansion of my spirituality, I have learned that we are all on our own paths, learning and growing at our own comfortable speed, and that each path is perfect for each person. All paths lead to the same place. For me, my soul wouldn’t allow me to sit quietly and follow without asking my own questions and without listening to my own intuition and inner guidance. That was MY path. I courageously let go of old limiting (shame-based, guild-based or controlling) human generated beliefs because they didn’t resonate or support my own divine wisdom that knew there was more to the story. One of my missions now is to inspire and empower others to begin listen to their own inner voice and let go of any limiting belief systems based on fear, shame, guilt, or control. The way I see it that if a belief system supports you in feeling good about yourself and your spiritual growth, keep it. If not, toss it!

I know that we all have the right and opportunity to investigate and seek knowledge that will enLIGHTen us by lightening our load and releasing the heavy, dense burdens that are attached to limiting belief systems. When we choose to listen and connect with our own divine guidance and awaken our higher awareness, we become empowered, SELF regulating individuals instead of being regulated or manipulated by authorities outside ourselves. As we listen to the calls of our souls and awaken our own intuition, we actually take a huge leap into leading a very sacred, blessed life. We develop love and acceptance for all. We lead by own our example and our actions are genuine, authentic, heartfelt and sincere rather than contradictory to our supposed beliefs. Our intentions are motivated by the heart and spirit and serve to create a sense of unity and connection.

Actively removing old, limiting blocks is a true sign of spiritual growth because if we weren’t growing or expanding, we wouldn’t question the external rules laid down to us in our past. We all have our own unique journey and when we accept and embrace our own, instead of living someone else’s idea of what our journey “should” be, we become free, liberated, joy-full and fully awake. In that fully awakened state, we are able to see with new eyes and realize (real eyes) the incredible opportunities for soul expansion available to us. We are able to feel new levels of bliss and fulfillment that come from expansive states of awareness, possibility, and understanding. When we begin to trust ourselves and move beyond the fears of being different or being ridiculed for not being a follower of the masses and blindly accepting others beliefs as our own, we move into this incredibly beautiful state of “flow.” In this state, we are open to the beauty of each day and each moment, without any ego attachment to judging the past or fearing of the future. This is where real joy is felt and known. It takes practice to live in this way, yet this is our birthright. Our consciousness (which is generated by our thoughts, beliefs, and expectations) really does create our reality.

We have the choice with each new day to decide for ourselves what our consciousness will be. When we wake up and expect good things to happen and intend for wonderful opportunities for soul growth and awakening to make themselves known, we put ourselves in the driver’s seat of our existence and create our own reality instead of being victims haphazardly thrown around and directed by energy, people, and events outside ourselves.

As you begin the weekend, expect great things to happen in your life. Intend to meet each challenge by asking “what good can come of this?” instead of feeding the challenge with fear and anxiety which will only intensify the drama. Believe and trust in yourself by actually listening to your intuition, knowing that your intuitive feelings are really callings from your soul, attempting to guide you on your path. Remember your personal power to be the wise, conscious creator of your life experience and feel the joy that comes from embracing that inner, divine strength.

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