Whether your realize it or not, you are born on this Earth with your spirit guides already selected. You chose your guides before you incarnated on this Earth, and they lovingly volunteered to become your spirit guides during your incarnation here in this lifetime.

Your Primary Spirit Guide

You are joined by your first guide when you are born. This is your primary guide, or birth to death guide. This entity will be with you for your entire life and assists you with learning and living your primary life's purpose. Think of your primary guide as a personal consultant available for you at all times.

Your Spirit Guide Team

As you get older you “hire” other guides as needed. As a child you don’t need to make a lot of decisions, but as you enter your teenage years and early 20′s most people will hire on additional guides at that point. You hire on more guides as you accept more responsibility in your life and begin to go out into the world on your own. Your guides are there to help you navigate the life areas you don’t have much experience with yet at that point.

Most people usually end up with 4-6 guides by the time they are young adults. This makes up your team for life. Your guides will always have a higher soul vibration rate and broader perspective than you do. After all, why would you want someone to guide you through life that had a worse perspective and more fears than you are currently working through? These guides offer assistance in areas such as relationships, health issues, finances, family, and more. Each person has a unique group of guides.


Many people get confused about spirit guides and keep waiting for their guides to tell them what to do. It doesn't work like that. In fact, it is the other way around. You, as creator announce your intention of what experience you would like to have in your life and then your guides will bring you people, signs, and ideas to assist you in making that a reality.

Spirit guides are not here to run your life for you, even though that seems to be what you may want sometimes. "Guides, just tell me what to do!" If your guides were to do that it would rob you of many life experiences that bring richness to your incarnation. Your guides will not interfere with your free will and discernment. True spiritual guidance comes from deep within your soul and helps direct your energy into useful actions to achieve what your desire.

They are great advice givers, though. Once you begin communicating on a more regular basis and trusting the information you receive from them, you will find that their advice can make your life run much smoother.

You are fully the creator of your own life. No one else can make the final decisions and choices in your life. Your guides step in and plant ideas to make your wishes and dreams move along.

Another misconception many people have about their guides is that because they are working so hard for you, you owe them something. That is simply not the case. Your guides are with you because you asked for their assistance and they volunteered to do the job with love. They work solely on your behalf to allow you to achieve your highest path and purpose.

Intuitive guidance received from your guides doesn't always make complete sense. It usually comes in bits and pieces and is just the next step in the process of getting to your desired goal. It may come in the form of a song repeated in your head or heard on the radio. It can be seeing a sign on the road, a phone call from a friend, or smelling a certain fragrance.

Your personal spirit guides are waiting in the wings, read and able to offer you new choices and advice. All you have to do is ask for their assistance.

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Laura Warnke is an intuitive healer that energetically connects with your spirit guides. As a certified Soul Realignment™ Practitioner, she is able to bring you messages from your guides to assist you with emotional healing. She offers Soul Profile Readings and Clearing sessions as well as spirit guide readings to give you clarity and help you make decisions in line with your highest path and purpose.

If you have been searching for the missing piece of the puzzle for creating true healing at Soul level, Laura can offer assistance. Laura is a certified Level III Soul Realignment™ Practitioner and has also completed the Automatic Intuition course by Slade Roberson. She has also taken Level I and II Usui Reiki Energetic healing and loves all things metaphysical.

If you are ready to learn more or book a reading, please visit her website at Intuitive Journal or sign up for her newsletter and receive a free report on the spiritual meaning of repeating numbers.