The quality of your success is the quality of the commitment you put into it. No matter how small a goal you need to achieve, you should begin with a commitment. This commitment will determine the direction you need to take.

Have not been able to achieve goals? Or do you constantly move from one goal to another in an eternal loop? If you do then just look at your beliefs in the word "commitment". What are your personal beliefs about it. Do you feel that commitment is a good thing or something that troubles you.

Many people just don't like the word commitment.There is the ALL so GREAT FEAR of MAKING THE COMMITMENT. For some they view commitment as bondage, being slaved and being wrapped up in chains. But it actually doest not have to be so bad. That is a joke that you have taken too seriously and now it begins to redirect you away from your goals.

Then there is the fear to make a commitment because of the past experiences. Experiences where you have lost someone or something or because some poor decisions. Season come and go, that is way of life. My suggestion is that we may not be able to relive them and rectify each of our past decisions and mistakes. But we can definitely make a change to what is coming up within the next 3 minutes of our life.

Making a commitment is making a decision. It is the starting point where you begin to acknowledge your personal power. You acknowledge who you are and agree to begin even if it has to be all over again.

Commitment is not about bondage and a strait-jacketed discipline. It is where you begin to allow yourself to start a new life. It helps to break through the quagmire of your limiting beliefs. Your commitment become your motivation, your fuel toward achieving your dreams.

I am not of the opinion that you become a "Yes Man", but rather a person who is human and sensitive tho his/her self and others too. This world breathes on the commitments people make, though all of them are not bankable at the bank. These commitments help us serve each other and work with each other for self fulfillment. Learn that when you make a commitment to yourself you are assuring yourself that you will fulfill what you are committed to.

Action Plan: Take a good look at yourself in a mirror and ask: "What are the commitments that I can make today? Commitments that I can fulfill and be happy about? What are the two commitment I can make right here and now"

Then go along and just get them done. Stay Committed... Stay Happy !

Author's Bio: 

Leo Whyte is the founder of He is also a Success Coach, Trainer, Writer and Hypnotist.