The energy that breaths you, that animates your body, is what distinguishes life from death. Are there energy centers throughout your body; it is optimal for your energy to flow freely. When energy gets blocked it leads to dis-ease. Energy gets blocked through stress, stuffed emotions, negative self talk and unexpressed life lessons

You have seven primary hubs of power, also known as Power centers, which run along your torso. Energy flows in and out of you through these energy centers. The literal translation of chakra is a spinning wheel allowing energy to flow freely through your body. It is good to understand this basic premise: your Power centers must be balanced or your life is unbalanced. Each energy center holds a life lesson necessary to comprehend in order to properly use your free will. When athe Power center is not expressed your energy does not flow correctly throughout your body and energy blockages arise. When your superhighway is congested with energy you will feel at dis-ease. Dis-ease show itself as stress, anxiety, overwhelm, anger, depression, addiction, overeating, compulsion, and more which may very well lead to disease actually manifesting.

By understanding how energy flows along your superhighway you gain control over the signals your life. Through interpreting the signals provided by your mind and body you can begin to steer your life. Each power center has a truth to share if not several. Please take the truth as a lesson or even as a challenge to your current experience. If you can take on one primary lesson from each power hub you will be growing as an individual by leaps and bounds. Now, let’s look at the layout of your super highway.

You will notice that each power center has a color, a scent and a lesson/truth. When you are challenged by the events you are now equipped to focus on an unbalanced power center and bring balance into your life. Every power center truth as a falsehood, a lie, if for example you deeply fear lack, you can work on the root lesson that you are safe. You can do this easily by using the power center scent, color or meditating its truth. The techniques described above are simple and can used in everyday life. If you recognize in yourself a negative attribute, take a little time to work with balancing its corresponding power center.

There are seven main power centers along your torso that keep the energy balanced throughout your body. They are located along your body in a vertical line from the groin to the top of the head. The seven power centers are: the root power center, the navel power center, the solar plexus power center, the heart power center, the throat power center, the brow power center and the crown power center. Each power center has truths to understand, lessons to learn and expressions to share.

The root power center is the red the blood connection to tribe; the navel power center, is a bursting orange alive with your ability to create. Your solar plexus power center burns yellow with your infinite power. Your heart power center is green compassionately balancing your primal with your higher expression. Your throat power center is blue of your truth expressed. Your brow power center is a regal indigo of intuition and guidance. The crown power center is a violet connection to all, the house of the deep understanding I am that I am. The power center run up your body in the colors of the rainbow, ROYGBIV.

Take a journey through the power centers to understand their lessons and learn how to work with them. Each power center has impact on your life.

ROOT POWER CENTER: Base of spine
Root Truth:
The Right to Life, All is One
Connected to earth, Connected to all
Rooted in this life here and now, Roots us to earth
Primal instinct, the Will to live
Security, order, can take care of self
Root Instruction
Survival of the individual, fear of annihilation, self preservation
Tribal mind, family, group belief patterns
Strength to stand up for one’s self
Root Expressed
Physical Attraction
Grounded in our activities
Code of honor, familial bonds
Treat others as want to be treated
Ability to manifest dreams
Root Balance
Color: Red
Scents: Patchouli, Sandalwood, Cedar wood, Myrrh, Thyme, Musk, Pine, Magnolia,
Gemstones: Black Onyx, Bloodstone, Carnelian, Garnet, Labradorite, Ruby
Massage: Base of spine, Little finger or little toe
Sit on earth, watch sunrise/sunset
Kegel exercises
Meditation visualization: Clockwise spinning wheel of red light
Chant: LAM

Navel Truths
Honor one another
Right to create
Survival of the species
Inherently Deserve Pleasure, Well Being, Abundance
Ability to Create
Navel Instruction
Challenge motivations based on social conditioning
Sex, power, money, pleasure
Navel Expressed
Sexual expression for procreation
Act with honor and integrity in relationships
Navel Balance
Color: Orange
Scents: jasmine, rose, Sandalwood, Honeysuckle, Musk
Gemstones: Citrine, Coral, Agate, Topaz, Rose quartz, Moonstone, opal
Visualize a wheel of brilliant orange (more brilliant color the higher vibration.
Chant: VAM Keep hand on Power Center as do the tone
Relax in body of water, look at moon
Massage ring finger

Solar Plexus Truths
Personal power - control over one’s life
Self love and care
Right to Personal Identity, Self esteem, Self Respect
Solar Plexus Instruction
Right to love, love is divine power
View yourself in relation to others
Honor yourself, able to stand up on your own, Self worth
Each is responsible for the quality of person one becomes
Solar Plexus Expressions
Assertive action, sharp mind, mastery
Ego, personality, self expression
Gut Instincts
Love your life as it is now, flaws and all, Be grateful for life
Self confidence
Solar Plexus Balance
Color: Yellow
Scents: Bergamot, Vetivert, Ylang Ylang, Clove, Mint
Gemstones: Amber, Citrine, Howlite, Jasper, Labradorite, Tiger eye, Topaz
Visualize Wheel of yellow light, 1000 suns in the center of your being
Being in bright sun light
Massage middle finger
Chant: RAM

Heart Truths
Right to love, love is divine power
Attend to self and own emotional needs
Heart Instruction
Self love
Ability to express love
Heart Expression
Truly express emotions
Devotion, Reverence
Heart Balance
Color: Green and pink
Scents: Bergamot, Rose, Amber, Jasmine
Gemstones: Emerald, Aventurine, Jade, Malachite, Moonstone, Rose quartz, Tourmaline
Wheel of green or pink light at center of chest
Massage pointer finger
Walking in lush green setting, gazing at pink flowers
Chant: YAM (YA-OM)
Roll your shoulders

Throat Truths
Commitment to truth, Integrity,
Expression of One’s Truth,
The right to personal truth
Throat Instructions
Consciously recognize own needs
Surrender your will to the your highest self
Setting intention
Following one’s truth,
Dealing with the unknown
Throat Expressions
Creative Flow, Communication
Self expression, Will to communicate one’s true inner feelings
Communicate gently, not hurt or judge others
Throat Balance
Color: Blue
Scents: Chamomile, Myrrh, Lilac, Frankincense, Patchouli
Gemstones: Aquamarine, Azurite, Topaz, Celestite, Pearl, Fluorite, Moonstone
Visualize Wheel of sky blue at throat
Chant: HAM
Massage thumb
Time outside absorbing the clear blue sky, Being near clear blue water
Lion face: Open mouth wide stick tongue out
Shrug shoulders, Neck rolls

BROW POWER CENTER: Between Eyebrows, third eye
Brow Truths
Highest good guidance
Trust you will have what you need when you need it
Inner knowing
Brow Instructions
Clear lucid thinking
Seek only truth
Healthy thinking
Ability to see within, Introspection
Evaluate our belief system
Strive to support and not judge
Brow Expressions
Brow Balance
Color: Indigo (dark starry night)
Scents: Hyacinth, Rose, Geranium, Violet, Amber, Sandalwood
Gemstones: Celestite, Clear Quartz, Opal, Sapphire, Lapis Lazuli
Visualize wheel of indigo blue light at brow
Gently massage brow
Chant: OM
Relax and contemplate the blue starry night sky

Crown Truths
I am that I am
Connection to all
Spirit is eternal only the body is temporary
Crown Instructions
Beyond subject/object
Deep inner searching, spiritual quest
Spiritual seeking
Spirit commands the body
Crown Expressions
Live in present moment
Appreciate Beauty
Crown Balance
Color: Violet or Golden white
Scents: Frankincense, Lavender, Rosewood
Gemstones: Amethyst, Diamone, Labradorite, Quartz, Iolite, Moldavite, Fluorite
Visualize a wheel of white light
Chant: M
Time alone at top of mountain with magnificence and silence
Massage top of head

Author's Bio: 

Michele Howe Clarke, Certified QSCA Coach, MBA and bestselling author of Face Forward: Meeting Challenges Head on in Times of Trouble. Michele is a thriver who shares how she emerged alive, vibrant and victorious from disfiguring Head and Neck cancer. She is also an experienced speaker, real estate investor, entrepreneur with over 12 years of experience in investment banking. She has walked her talk and she truly knows what it takes to make the difference that really matters in life. She is a powerful Change Agent who empowers you to make change easy so you can claim your value and enjoy your success now!