Do you have your own quirks, mannerisms, and eccentricities that you hide fro your therapy clients?

It is your own special traits and uniqueness that make you different from anyone else in your business. In the same way, these differences, however strange, unwanted, or insignificant they may seem to you can set your business apart from the rest in your industry.

For example, if you are into sports and do not like to iron clothes, how about wearing sporty clothes to your work? Perhaps they can be printed with your company name and website address, for example, to make them smarter. If you like to wear ironed and starched clothes, then that is what you need to wear for your work. If you are female and like to wear high heels, you can find a way of incorporating the heels in a professional outfit. Likewise, if you like wearing flat shoes, sandals, or sports shoes, you can find a way to incorporate them in an outfit that says something about you to the world. This way, you are comfortable in your own clothes.

And what about qualifications? What qualifications do you have that you feel closest to? Photocopy them, frame them, and put them in your workplace. Choose frames that say something about you. And if you are way too eccentric, yes, you can still shine a little bit of you in the frame. For example, if you are mad about frogs, maybe having a big frog frame for every qualification is over the top. But having a discreet frog somewhere on the frame is great. You can even incorporate the frog into your logo.

Take photos of events and places you feel good about. Put them in your workplace. For example, if you like attending retreats, you can have pictures of various retreats you have enjoyed, pictures of you at the retreats, or pictures of you and other attendees. You may be pleasantly surprised how this can lead to great common ground with your clients that can lead to further opportunities. For example, I took pictures of happy people in my workshops. When people visited me, if they recognised someone in the pictures, they felt that they did belong there and warmed to me.

So, what are your quirks and unusual qualities? How can you incorporate a little more of you in your business? I hope this has given you some ideas on new ways forward.

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