We are equipped free of charge with a most magnificent gift from our Creator. We call it our brain. That’s right; your brain has all the fire power you need to achieve whatever you dream you can conceive. No, this will not be a lesson in biology but it will be a lesson regarding how to move yourself up the ladder of success to reach a bigger and better you.

It Starts With Your Thoughts……Everything that has ever been created by man began as a thought in someone’s mind. That individual had to first think of the idea and then, either individually or with the help of others, the idea was brought into reality. Each of us uses our thoughts to develop our values and belief systems which in turn create our behavior pattern. We follow a certain behavioral pattern as we move into action. Then, it’s our actions that give us the results we get each day. Not in love with your results? Get straight with your thinking!

In his book, Secrets of the Millionaire Mind, T. Harv Eker shares ideas on how to create wealth that really transfers into every facet of life. I’ve paraphrased and changed them to fit the theme of this article. So, if you are tired of the same old same old, want more money, or just want more success in your life, put these ideas into action.

1. You are in charge of your life: When you get a complete understanding that you are in charge, you’ve taken a giant step forward. Refuse to play victim. Take charge of your life by taking charge of your thinking. If it is to be, it is up to me!
2. Play to win. Don’t settle for losing when winning is an option you have. Give every action all you have. Commit to success by gearing up your efforts. A half-hearted effort will only get you half-results. So, don’t hold back. Champions never hold back. Are you a champ?
3. Don’t limit your thinking. We sometimes behave like we live with a glass ceiling over our heads. Break out of that mindset and don’t limit possibility. In what area of your life are you limiting your potential? How is your thinking producing poor results in your life? What barriers are in your way?
4. Always be aware of opportunity knocking at your door. How often have you ignored that “inner voice” that tells you to take some action? Opportunity only knocks once. If we are not open to hearing the knock, it moves on to someone else. If you seen others getting what you want from life, perhaps they’re answering the door.
5. Associate with people who understand success. Sometimes our friends can be our worst enemies. They will speak in negative terms, give you many reasons why your ideas won’t work, and pull you down every time you try to climb the ladder of success. Decide who you want to be and then find people with a similar mindset. Refuse to let anyone or anything diminish your success potential.
6. Create value and promote that value to the world. You have so much potential yet untapped. Expand your horizons, always seeking to make yourself more valuable to the marketplace. Valuable people draw success like a magnet. They are also not afraid to let the world know the value they bring to the marketplace. Create value and sell it to the world. That’s the right kind of action to take.
7. Believe you deserve to receive from the world. You determine your worth. It’s in your mind. Don’t let negative energy zap you into an undeserving mindset. You must believe in your worth and in your receiving power. Don’t be bashful. Venture forward with confidence and a belief in your right to greater success.
8. The world will pay you based upon the results you produce. This is a fairly straight forward idea. If you are difficult to replace, your value and income will be high. If anyone can do what you do, your value and income will always be mediocre. Believe you deserve more, produce more, and then you will receive more. Not making enough? Become very valuable!
9. Learn to manage money well. This is probably one of the most critical components of success. A lack of money diminishes opportunity, lowers your self-esteem, and keeps you struggling to survive. Master money matters and your net worth will increase. Money attracts money and a “lack of” attracts a “lack of.”
10. Make money work for you. Invest wisely. Strive to build passive income—income you make while you sleep. Save at least 10% of all you earn and put it to work for you. You’ll be surprised how quickly your savings will grow, particularly if you can develop that passive income. What passive income opportunities can you develop? Think big.
11. Don’t let fear paralyze your momentum. Fear is like glue. It holds you bonded in inertia. Life has risks and those who step forward where others fear to go will get the prize. In a horse race, “also ran” doesn’t pay. It’s those who cross the finish like in the top three positions that are in the money. And, as always, number one has the best payday. Take action and fear melts away like ice on a warm summer day.
12. Make growth part of your lifestyle. Continuously study your area of interest to build your expertise. Experts get a higher paycheck. Every day make yourself smarter. Read books on personal success strategies and apply the ideas. Read books, take classes, keep learning as much as you can about your chosen career or a potential career choice. Remember, action gets things done and the expert gets the prize.

So there you have it, twelve ideas to not only open the doors to greater wealth but to bring a level of peace, joy and success that perhaps you’ve never yet experienced. Put these ideas to work for you. Remember, everything starts with a thought. I hope your thought is on applying these ideas into your daily schedule—beginning today.

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Billy Arcement, MEd—The Leadership Strategist, is a professional speaker, consultant, executive coach, and author of two books and over 300 published articles. He provides common sense leadership solutions in uncommon times. See www.SearchingForSuccess.com for details about his services and contact information. © 2013