Your Third Eye Chakra – Activation Meditation

The third eye is the sixth chakra in the kundalini system. It is located at the middle of the forehead right between the eyebrows. Third eye meditation can help you open your 3. eye and stimulate it, but first you want to learn something basic about this chakra before practicing 3. eye meditation.

Third Eye Facts

Colour: the colour of the 3. eye is purple. This can be helpful for your meditation practice so that you have a specific colour to visualize to help you create a link to your third eye chakra.

Sanskrit Name: Ajna

Characteristics: This chakra is one of the chakras like the crown chakra that is the least associated with our physical body and the earth. The third eye chakra is more connected to our spirituality and the spiritual world. It is also connected to our psychic awareness, so if you would like working with your spirituality and psychic powers, you probably want to learn more about this chakra.

Step By Step Exercise

Choose a peaceful place for you to practice your meditation without being interrupted. Remember to turn of all your many electrical gadgets and chose a comfortable meditation position. Sit with your back straight, and take a short moment to calm your mind and body.

Step 1
Close your eyes and take a couple of slow cleansing breathes in through your nose and exhale through your mouth. Allow yourself to totally relax. Let the air cleanse your body from all the tension and frustration from your body. Feel how you become more and more relaxed and calm with every breath.

Step 2
Now, keep breathing slowly and deeply but switch your focus to your third eye area in the middle of your forehead. Now picture that you are breathing through your third eye chakra. Inhale purple light into your chakra. Notice the tingling sensation of the air as it enters your body through this chakra. Feel the energy that fills your body and energizes you with new and positive energy. Exhale the air through your chakra as a drained plain air empty of energy.

Step 3
Do not force any feelings to appear, but pay attention if you are feeling any strange sensation on your forehead such as a tingling sensation, which could indicate that your chakra is being stimulated and activated. Do this meditation technique for 20 minutes.

There are many other great meditation exercises you can do to help you open and activate your third eye. I suggest that you experiment with some different exercises and see which ones give you the best results. But be patient and allow the chakra to open little by little. If you rush the meditation or become impatient it can ruin your practice and you may not get the best results. So give it time and practice your meditation regularly so that it will be a part of your daily routine, which will help it feel like a habit and something you actually want to do and not something you have to do.

But remember that this third eye is just one chakra of the seven different chakras in the kundalini system, which are all equally important, so make time to also work on the rest of the system to create balance between the chakras.

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Jessica Tanner
I have always been interested in meditation and spirituality and that is why I have chosen to write about it and sharing my knowledge. I have to say that I am no expert on the field but are simply sharing what I know and maybe it can help you.
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