Change your life and change your thoughts, instantly. Master the power within.

THE TERM “HOLISTIC HEALTH” may be interpreted in different ways. The main definition is “making whole,” which sums up the meaning of healing.

In new times people are becoming more aware of healing themselves. Times may be tough, but people are coming around to new approaches to solving physical, emotional, and psychological health problems.

The first step to self-healing whether emotional or physical, is to understand that we can reverse illnesses or heal ourselves and change our life if we have the will and know-how. Determining the problem and the cause is helpful, but not necessary for healing to occur. It is more important to learn how to communicate and work with the body and soul through the mind.

The missing link to achieve a rapid and holistic recovery and healing, there are several shortcuts that can take us safely to the causes. These shortcuts are found in the mind’s secret compartment, the subconscious mind. This is also the most powerful part and the one of which we are generally not aware.

Not only can the subconscious mind heal us miraculously, it works with the energy that makes the world go around. We are all part of one Universe and connected to it through a common dominator. According to Einstein, and the laws of physics, everything is energy.

Everyone is connected to energy of thoughts via invisible wave that radiates to and from each of us all over. Each of us sends both positive and negative energy thoughts to each others. An example of a thought form is prayer. If we understand the concept of thought forms affecting the human condition, we can change the way we live.

If we catch ourselves thinking negative thoughts and correct or direct them properly when we realize it, we can achieve what we want and even surprise ourselves with a few miracles in process. When we choose to leave things up to chance or luck, we are no longer in control. W relinquish our choice to have a say in our destiny or what happens to us.

Start today to clear away from the negative blocks of energy that cause dis-ease. This may take some practice, but if you start practicing positive thoughts, the subconscious mind and energy from the body and universe can start working for you and create miraculous results. This approach is concerned with healing the cause of the illness/disease rather than treating just the symptom. This is the new evolution of mind, body, energy medicine.

Author's Bio: 

In 1972, eighteen-year-old Ben Raffi, a member of the
minority Jewish community in the country of Iran, decided to
leave his native city of Tehran to continue his education. He began in Manchester, England and then continued on to Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas, where in 1976 he received a BS in Engineering Management with a minor in real estate. By the age of thirty, Ben was a self-made millionaire. He moved to Los Angeles in 1991 and faced challenges, illnesses, and personal issues for which he sought answers and solutions. After myriad trials and tribulations, Raffi found that the answers to his troubles lie within his own natural, yet hidden, resources.

As the result of these events, he became a hypnotist and later an energy healer. From personal experiences and from his healing practice, Ben learned the best methods and modalities for healing and helping others to improve
their lives. Later, he employed the power of other modalities such as NLP (neurolinguistic programming), EFT (emotional freedom technique), and past-life therapy. By far the most important tool he learned to use was the
unlimited and hidden power of his own mind, coupled with the higher
power behind it, which led him to write this book.
As a transpersonal hypnotist and healer, he has helped many people solve their problems and overcome their health issues rapidly. Their complaints ranged from emotional and mental anguish to physical pain and illness, and each had desperately tried many treatments, including both traditional and Western medicine, treatments that failed, leaving them feeling helpless.

Now Ben Raffi shares these gifts of healing and other life-changing messages with you.