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Today when you woke up you may feel it's just another day. No matter the age you may be a working mother, stay at home mother or the Professional on the go but grace allowed you another day. You may own your on business or the CEO of the company and woke up thinking it's just another day of the same thing. Today ask the question what is Your Thrill to Life? Think about it! What is the key that makes you turn?


PURPOSE; an aim or goal; an intention

PASSION; intense emotion

PERSUASION; the power to convience another; A firm

We as individuals have a purpose inside which was given. You ask how do I know because before I walked into my PURPOSE, PASSION, and PERSUASION the Thrill of Life this is how it happen. Along with searching my inter-self of the pieces to the puzzle in my life. I will call it enlightenment came to me "A light Bulb Moment". This is how the real story goes right now as you read take the " light bulb moment" with me.

I found myself on a visit at the zoo location in Dallas, Texas. This happen as I entered on my visit the first animal that was gazed upon for view for me was the giraffe. The zoo keeper was taking care of the animals as I gazed the zoo keeper washed the giraffe long long neck, body, and legs, afterwards he gave him food to eat. In my heart at that moment I new a position was made for all the people of the earth or at least their was a purpose. In that moment of enlightenment I new I could not confess to have a longing to become a zoo keeper but to relate, communicate and enjoy youth was my longing and PURPOSE. Your "Light Bulb Moment" PURPOSE maybe to save the trees of the forest you still have a PURPOSE, PASSION, AND PERSUASION to get you through your day!


Fill in the blanks of your life with PURPOSE, PASSION, AND PERSUASION

"Your Thrill To Life"

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Founder of TEEN VOICE Prosperous & Thriving Youth Production Project-From Pro-Football Hall of Fame area Canton, Oh to Dallas, TX

I have heard that we should forget our past. My past is my future and who, what, and where: of my life begin in Canton, Oh. Not that I was born rich but I came from a wealth of knowledge and favor has been exposed on my path. My favor in life started when I was adopted at the age of 3 days old. My adopted mother attended Bishop College Taylor, Texas born 1915 graduated and father who worked on the railroad who also moved from East Texas to start a life in Canton, Ohio. http://www.canton-ohio.com/City_of_Canton My adopted mother's sister who had already relocated to Canton worked 30+ years with the Timken's one of the founding families in Canton, where I attended Timken Vocational High School early years St. Peter's catholic school home of the Pro-Foot Ball Hall of Fame. www.profootballhof.com and National First Ladies Library www.firstladies.org So, I was exposed to advantages that would come with the affliations of such connection. Also, experienced the disadvantage being a only child in my neighborhood " with comments of you have everything". Yes, I was raised with the agony of my adopted mother being an educated alcoholic, which left me with feelings of being empty and alone. At age 15 years I left home as a single mother of one. My mother now deceased at age 89 yrs later was no longer a alcoholic. Although, in my early years the scars of mental abuse cut the surface of my soul are forgiven only by assisting other youth deal with their teenage issues. Whereas, my pain of mental abuse are only scars are healed through TEEN VOICE. I speak for youth that deal with issues in the millennium to mention one such issue is the emotional hurt that you can get from your peers. I was taught to take a negative and turn it to a positive, so today I am healed with only scars of yesterday. When you are healed you help others to heal, you give others a helping hand, know that you may not help everyone, but you give back what others have given to you. Others have given, shared, and contributed, as well as I have paid for my continued out reach.

"I Thank everyone who has touched my life in a postive way"

I owe to God first, then I owe to others gratitude of thanks, they know who they are, in order for me to go further with TEEN VOICE Prosperous & Thriving Youth dfwteenvoice@hotmail.com actually participating. Now, I may touch other lives (Because you have touched mine-I must now touch someone else life) Thank You! Thank You! I do thank my mother for exposing me to the YWCA, YMCA, Junior Achievement and Girl Scouts and other activities before I left home at 15 years. Re-located from Canton at 22 years as a single mother, now in Dallas Metro-Plex. When I relocated I had became apart of a new community but I had something to offer as a citizen. My morals,values, standards, and character of personality were built in my former years in Canton, OH. Upon developing into a community leader/youth advocate because I had the desire to make the difference. Along with the inner motivation and determination to make a impact in my life first, then impact on others. Only destiny chose me to be born in Canton, OH and as I was reared I had the choice to listen and learn whereas, I can make a choice for myself. After, educational tenure at Kent State University, I chose to relocate to DFW Metro-Plex the Freedom to venture into the unknown by faith I believe. I believe in the OHIO motto: With God All Things Are Possible.

Their have been accomplishments. Thanks to God our Creator - I continue to do business here in DFW Metro-Plex. My career field is marketing along with education in production to continue market TV talkshow TEEN VOICE Prousperous & Thriving Youth which consist of Teen seminars and varies programs focused on teenagers/college youth issues national/US.

Experience as a youth counslor yes, we have pitfalls,(ups and downs)of life but the challenges are there to rise above the circumstances. (Helpful information click on www.thetotaltransformation.com) and http://www.selfgrowth.com is the most complete guide to information about Self -Improvement, Personal Growth and Self Help on the Internet. It is designed to be an organized directory, with articles and references to thousands of other Web Sites on the World Wide Web.
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