The universe was once smaller than a grain of sand. It began with a massive explosion some call the "Big Bang." Others refer to a vast "œcosmic breath." Our universe has expanded and is still expanding. This discovery is one of the greatest in human history.

Another amazing discovery reveals that the universe is expanding at the exact rate necessary to bring forth life. It seems life was expected from the beginning. It seems we were expected from the beginning.

We used to believe the Milky Way was the only galaxy in the universe. We now know there are nearly one hundred billion galaxies. Each galaxy contains several billion stars. Such vastness is hard to imagine. How do we find life meaning and purpose in this vast universe?

We are here to change and grow and shine our light in the world.

In his introduction to "Cosmos," Carl Sagan tells us that we are stardust. Each star has a birth, develops and comes to an end. Stars are not static entities. They develop and transform through complex stages that allow their radiance to shine forth. Our bodies are formed from the elements of this creative process.

We have descended from the stars. Their atoms fill our bodies. Our change and growth mirror their creative process. At our most basic level, we are vibrating particles of light. With each good feeling thought, word and action, we shine forth more light. Like the stars, our light grows as we change and transform. We are becoming radiant light beings who walk the Earth.

We grow our creative potential as we resolve the tension between inner and outer worlds.

Stars exist in a state of disequilibrium. Gravitational attraction pulls the star toward collapse. Nuclear fusion aims at its expansion. A star's immense creativity arises from the tension between these two powers. A star exists only when it maintains this state of imbalance.

We also exist in a state of disequilibrium. We experience ongoing push-pulls between the desires of our heart and the pressures of the world. Our immense creativity arises from the dynamic tension between world and Spirit. Too much chaos brings us stress and frustration. Too much rigidity traps us in the status quo. By following our heart's desires, we find life meaning and purpose. We create with the power of the true Self and maintain an inner balance.

We are who we are. We are continually becoming.

The larger planets are gaseous, while the smaller ones are rocky. Somehow Earth evolved in a state of disequilibrium between chaotic gases and solid rocks. This disequilibrium allowed for the creative processes that brought forth life.

From Einstein's discovery we now know that the sun is continually transforming its essence into light. It converts mass into energy. The sun's light provides for photosynthesis and nourishes all living things.

Disequilibrium allows space for creative potential to grow, leading to transformation. These processes permeate the universe. They help bring meaning to our everyday lives.

Times of change and disorder allow space for our creative potential to blossom. They bring confusion. But they also offer opportunity for growth and renewal. What matters most is how we respond. We have the creative power to continually transform ourselves.

Our lives don't evolve from A to Z in a nice, neat fashion. Change is a constant. Each moment presents an opportunity for choice. Each choice shows the value you place on yourself. Decisions may seem complex, but you put forth this smoke screen of resistance. The plan is simple. Follow your heart's desires and claim your inner power. Honor your true Self through your worldly existence. Find life meaning and purpose in a vast universe.

Author's Bio: 

Mary Beth Ford, Ed. D., is the author of Wisdom from the Gardens—Life Lessons and creator of the CD Garden Wisdom—5 Ways to Grow in Life Balance and Joy. She specializes in the area of life balance, which she describes as balance between outer world and inner Self. In her work Mary Beth shares her five powerful garden lessons for living with balance and joy. Using nature images she gives us a new vision of ourselves and our world. Her desire is to help busy people live with Spirit in the world. To learn more, visit Mary Beth’s website at and listen to her inspiring reflection on world and Spirit.