With no intention to burst your bubble; no homeowner wants to get caught up mulling over an unkempt house or in-laws complaining about dust bunnies in every nook and cranny-isn’t it?

And with everyone’s favourite time of the year approaching fast, the aim should be to keep your humble abode spotless, sparkling and fresh. Everyone knows how hectic the approaching days of November and December can be. So, its best to proactively prepare and make your home-sweet-home perfectly presentable before you (and everyone) goes ‘…jingle bells all the way…’

So… by the grace and benevolence bestowed upon you by Lord Jesus, here’s your pre-X-mas house cleaning checklist!

Let’s Begin.

Prepare your living room for the Christmas tree by pulling out all furniture sets to the centre of the room. Also, thoroughly vacuum the floors and soft furnishings.

Living Area:-

  • Look to declutter all books, toys and dust off the decorations.
  • Clean the place where you intend to put the X-mas tree.
  • Clean the ceiling fans and all living room windows.
  • Dust off all architraves and the blinds.
  • Clean off all light fixtures.
  • Thoroughly shampoo your carpets and the lounge suite (if present).
  • If there are wall marks, wipe them using a magic eraser. Alternatively; you can dust or vacuum the walls to free it from cobwebs, dust and dirt marks.

P.S- Santa Claus may need a clean fireplace to make his entrance. So, remember to dust off the hearth too!

Kitchen Area:-

Turkey…? Check. Clean cupboards…? Check. So far, so good! But what about the fridge and the rest of the kitchen area? Fret not, and follow these!

  • Do a complete clean-up of your fridge, pantry and freezer!
  • Properly clean and sterilise all shelves and benches.
  • Cleaning your rubbish bin with bleach and make sure you keep extra bin bags.
  • Properly wipe all appliances, exhaust fan, oven and the microwave (inside out).

With that, clean all the utensils using a mop, bucket and broom. If you come across any stains on the glassware, fill your sink with warm water using a small amount of bleach and let it stay for 30-minutes. Apply the baking soda and water mix on the stained area and rinse properly. If the stain is still visible, repeat!

Also, look to remove any cooking odour using an air purifier. Choose one with an activated carbon or charcoal filter. It will absorb the odour and leave your kitchen space smelling fresh.

Your Bathroom & Your Guests’ Bathroom:-

  • Remove all existing personal items from your and your guests’ bathroom.
  • Thoroughly clean each of the toilets (and remember to put in loo blocks and extra toilet paper).
  • Scrub all grout, tiles, shower glass.
  • Properly clean all light fixtures and polish the bathroom mirrors using a cleaning agent and a clean mop.
  • Also remove the exhaust fan cover and clean it.

The Guest Bedroom Area:

  • Put clean sheets on the bed and fluff the pillows.
  • Also lay down clean towels with soap, right at the end of your guest’s bedroom!
  • Look to dust off every surface and also vacuum your rugs and carpets.

Faster Way To Achieve A Clean Home This X-Mas:-

By following this X-mas cleaning checklist; you are bound to achieve a clean and tidy home for the grand celebration! The key here is to start early and tackle one room at a time. Take the help of your friends or siblings to lend a helping hand in the cleaning operation.

However, if you still feel that it’s too much for you to handle on your own, then you can always hire house cleaning specialists in Brighton to help you.

Professional house cleaning experts in Kew will implement the right techniques and also will make use of green cleaning solutions to leave your home clean and fresh.

Hopefully, this checklist has given you lots of ideas to clean your home this holiday. Now whether you DIY or hire domestic cleaning experts to help- get on with it ASAP!

Author's Bio: 

The author works in a team of house cleaning specialists in Brighton for years. Plus, the author also knows about house cleaning experts in Kew for those who reside in that area.