Your values drive your behavior, which in turn, will show your character to others. What we value is reflected in the lives that we live. Think about it. How we speak, how we conduct ourselves, how we treat others, all are a reflection of who we really are. When you look in the mirror it reflects back at you. Your values, like the mirror, can only reflect back who you are. Therefore, spend time first reflecting on your values before you actually show them to others.
Sometimes we think that we others cannot see who we are by watching us. What a mistake that is. Who you are shows up daily in your behaviors and actions. Don’t let others base their opinion of who you are by your bad behaviors. If your behaviors and actions are not in alignment with what you want others to see then I suggest you take a hard look at self-correcting your behaviors and actions, and get back on the right track. Make the changes necessary to be the person you want to be.
Are you driving away potential friends, or potential customers, because of your behaviors or actions? Do a self-check and see if you like you. Yes, you heard me right, if you do not like yourself, how do you expect others to like you? Your behaviors and actions show up in measureable results to you and to others. If either is out of alignment, others notice. You should be able to notice it also, but some of us deny the reflection that we are getting from others, and sadly, also from ourselves.
This denial sets us back, and can cause serious problems in our relationships with others and in some cases with ourselves. When you can’t stand the way you behave, how do you expect others to stand you? You see, that reflection should be clear to you and resisting the truth does not make it better. Behaviors and actions for everyone can get off course at times. The key to changing the course is to self-correct. Just like anything else the key to success at anything is not a straight line, nor is it instant. It takes practice, but you can never practice doing the right thing if you do not know what the right thing is.
Again, begin with the end in mind. What do you want others to see? What do you see now? What changes in your behavior and actions do you need to make to change your reflection of your values?
Until we are willing to take a hard look at who we are, how can you expect others to make a decision about you? You see, success is all about results and results only show up in the right column when we are aware of who and what we are reflecting out to others. When you are not aware, results will show up, but not the kind you want.
Earlier I compared your reflection to others like a reflection from a mirror. Thinking about that, when you look in a mirror do you notice how clear the reflection is of you? Yes, you may not like what you see, but the bottom line when people look at you, what do they see? Through your behavior and actions you have an opportunity to change the reflection. Don’t be a fake and make temporary changes. Your behaviors and actions will eventually rat on you. Just like make-up eventually wears off. The real you will eventually show up.
Decide who you want to be and then develop the behaviors and actions required to make it happen. If you want something bad enough, then be willing to practice what it takes to achieve the results you want. The more you practice, the greater chance that the results will be there on a regular basis.

Tim Tupper
President, Business Increase Solutions

Author's Bio: 

Tim Tupper has 25 years of consulting and training experience. He has worked with over 150 major clients in various industries. He is a published author, as well as authoring all his own training materials tailored to the specific client and their needs for his company Business Increase Solutions, Inc., fondly called BIS.
His expertise is fact-based decision making at all levels. He has concentrated on educating employees at all levels, the advantages of decision making using facts instead of opinions (gut-feel).
His leadership classes focus on the process of clearly identifying tangible and intangible assets, and how to enhance the return on both. All of his teachings focus on the process of returning measureable results that last. Some of Tupper’s clients have been with him for 15 years or more. When clients work with Tupper they get enhancements that will be there for years to come. Ideas become reality and improvements are made with amazing results that are effective. Clients enjoy the training because Tupper’s training materials are fun and interactive.
If you want results that are measureable and sustainable, then Tupper & his company, BIS, are your answers.