You know the saying “two heads are better than one”, is so true. When I am working on a blog post or a project and I need a second set of eyes, I always turn to my husband, he has a brilliant business mind and always has something to add to the mix, sometimes it’s something that seems so obvious yet I would have completely missed it if it wasn’t for him:).

A VA works the same way, if you utilize them in your business effectively. Remember Virtual Assistant’s work with a myriad of clients so they are constantly learning about different business and industries and therefore learn what works and what doesn’t work. An Internet Marketing VA who specialized in coaches can tell you with very little research, which marketing channels will work best for you right now. They will know whether you need to write articles or create a phenomenal ebook or if you need to increase your blogging or if your keywords are working. Figuring this out yourself in all likelihood would have taken you weeks to come to the same conclusion.

When you finally make the best decision and bring a VA onto your team, do it right the first time. Be upfront with your VA, tell them what your company vision and goals are and tell them the difficulties you are facing. Don’t hold back because you don’t think your VA will respect you. They can’t be of assistance if they don’t know the difficulties you are having. It is also important that your VA knows how you conduct your business, this includes your business communication style, your personality, how you like things done, as well as how you don’t like things done.

I have noticed that those who don’t succeed as well as they should with a VA, do so because they fail to respect the VA as a fellow business owner and professional.

Talented VA’s are a huge benefit to your business:

* They work with a multitude of clients from whom they are constantly learning new ways to improve (your) business
* They are experts in their field and can accomplish a task much faster than you can.
* They will learn to anticipate your needs.
* They will provide you with that much needed time to focus on what you do best.

Businesses and individual marketers who truly have that desire to succeed, know that they can utilize VA’s to accomplish more in the same amount of time and with this increased productivity they can expect increased profits in return. Since they have more time to focus on their core business by using a virtual assistant, they will be able to get things up and running far more quickly than without.

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