When the first excitement of the proposal, the decision to get married, and delight in the beautiful new ring have worn off, then comes the time to think about the actual wedding. This is the time when dreams become practical realities.

In most cases, the first decision is to have an engagement celebration. This may be as simple as a dinner for two, or an intimate family dinner with a toast. Or it may be a full blown party for all your friends and family.

Once this is over, the big question arises: ‘when’. You and your family and close friends will probably get together to figure out when everyone will be available, and then you’ll decide on a date.

Then most likely you will decide on a venue and what sort of wedding you want. It is frequently at this stage that the groom-to-be tends to slip away and hope that his future bride will take care of things!

Of course, this isn’t always the case. Occasionally men do take a keen interest in the process. Whatever is the case, high up in the priorities for arranging a wedding, are, of course, the guests. This means wedding invitations.

The wedding invitation cards tell friends and family more about you than you may realise. It also tells your friends a whole lot about what sort of wedding to expect.

A quiet, understated, plain card couched in formal terms may indicate that you intend to hold a traditional type of wedding. You may be very family oriented and possibly expect a lot of relatives of the older generation. It may also mean that you present the image of a rather reserved or private type of people.

Perhaps you are the very lively and outgoing type; those whose main appeal is for the younger generation. You will reflect this in your choice of wedding invitation cards. Depending on your world view, your cards may be brightly coloured, humorous, trendy, quirky, romantic or bubbly.

If you are getting married in a church, you may have a religious leaning or even a Bible verse on your card. If you are being married under a bower in a garden, you may like flowers or a nature motif on your wedding invitation cards.

Other things that may affect your choice of wedding invitation cards are the theme and the colours that you have chosen for your wedding.

Suppose you have chosen white and silver for your theme wedding colours. You might like to highlight this theme with features of ice blue or green or lilac or red or even black. Perhaps you plan for your serviettes, wedding favours, flower arrangements or candles to be these distinctive focal points. You might like to reflect this on your cards.

You may want a trendy gothic wedding, and then you would probably choose an ancient gothic-like script with rune signs or other mysterious symbols.

If you are a romantic person, you can choose from hundreds of beautiful styles, perhaps with hearts or love knots or cupids. You would not have to look far to discover an endless choice of beautiful verses or tender quotations that you may find heart-warming and like to share with your guests.

Depending on where you plan to get married, you may like to choose, for instance, a Hawaiian theme, an African theme, an Oriental theme or even something like a country barn dance theme. All these themes can look wonderful on both your place settings and on your cards.

More than one couple has chosen something really way out, like getting married in a hot air balloon, underwater, in scuba outfits, on ships, in airplanes or on mountain peaks. If you are such an adventurer, you will no doubt want to put across on your wedding invitation cards to your friends and family who are going to attend, just what sort of excitement they can expect!

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