A female client of mine years ago was married to a man who was very abusive to her. He wouldn’t get therapy or examine his beliefs, feelings, and actions. After several years of listening to him cut her down, she decided to leave the marriage and quickly went from having a non-glamorous position in a company to being a very successful entrepreneur. Her ex-husband was so upset by his loss that he let his feelings of anger bleed over into every area of his life and poison his attitude. His friends began to avoid him, his children pulled away from him, and his boss found a reason to dismiss him.

As a result, his finances took a nosedive. The angrier he got, the more financial and personal troubles he had. Sadly, he wasn’t able to see that by clinging to the belief that he had suffered a tremendous “loss” and holding on to his resentment, he was creating more losses in his life. Vibrating feelings of lack and fear, he was co-creating situations that matched up with those feelings.

What he could have done instead was to see his “loss” as an opportunity for getting in touch with his abundance and his desires and cultivating his gratitude. After all, he had children who loved him, talents and skills, and health and wealth. If he valued and appreciated what he had, he could have created more happiness for himself and more abundance, including love. Unfortunately, his unwillingness to heal himself kept him in scarcity, fear, and anger, dwelling on his “loss.”

Whatever you’ve lost you can regain in some form through the power of positive emotions. Trust that the Universe will give you all you desire, more than replacing any “loss” you’ve experienced, as long as you’re willing to work with it and create more abundance within you.

One obstacle to feeling gratitude and abundance that I often see people struggle with is lingering resentment over something that happened in the past that resulted in a diminishment of abundance.

You must let go of the “loss”—whether it’s a divorce, a drop in the value of a home or financial holdings, or a friendship that ended. When you remember that the Universe is continually giving and that you always have abundance that you can increase at any time, it’s easier to let go of resentment. Learn what you can from the experience, and focus on what you have, not what you had.
[This excerpt taken from Peggy’s new book “21 Distinctions of Wealth”]

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