As you might be aware of, your unclaimed shadows lurk in your unconscious and tell you what you can and cannot do, what you should eat, when you should or shouldn't exercise even if you said you were going to do the exact opposite, how much money you can make or save, or how fulfilling your career can be. Your shadow tells you how much success you can experience and how much joy, happiness and fun you can have or not have each day. But you don't have to tolerate this anymore. Today's the day to say no more, no mas, nie wieder, aldrig mere, finissez-en!

Assuming you're an adult who is making the choices each day that shape your human experience, you can ask, "Why would I let my unconscious rule my life and dictate my future? Why would I hand my life and future over to outdated beliefs, concepts and traumas of the past?" Why? Let me shed some light. Because unknowingly you have let your unconscious rule your life. So let's get honest. Have you fallen asleep at the wheel and forgotten that you are a magnet for repetitive and familiar experiences even if they are ones that you don't want to have? Have you forgotten that there are many layers to the human life and that there is always something greater going on here? When you are asleep, you don't even realize that there is something that has grabbed the steering wheel of your life and is driving you down the same old bumpy, pothole-filled roads that you loathe.

This is why you need to deal with your shadow. This is why you need to make sure you are awake and in the presence of your goals, dreams, desires, wants and unmet needs. When you are awake, you will have the power to choose your path.

Your Weekly Shadow Work

  • Make a list of your repetive patterns and begin to explore what demons are driving you.
  • How long have they been in the driver's seat? How much longer will you give them the wheel?
  • Decide now to push them into the passenger's seat. Today, make a commitment to be a responsible adult and take a radical action NOW.

Once you have shined the light on your darkness, you can powerfully use your voice and feel worthy of receiving all that the universe is waiting to deliver to you. The time is now. The Shadow Effect is support you Friday June 26th.

With love and blessings,

Debbie Ford

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