What if you could think whatever you want whenever you want? What if you felt joy, love and peace all the time, or even just most of the time? Can you think of some old feeling that you would rather not be carrying around, or a behavior that just doesn’t serve you anymore and you would like to let it go? Now is the time. Your mind thinks as it was trained to. Over the years you have downloaded from your senses various thoughts, feelings, opinions and beliefs that rule over your life. Some of them may be quite helpful to you while others may be keeping you from realizing your full potential, or just being happy and prosperous.

You can consciously decide how you want your brain to work, and if there is something in your mind you no longer want to think you can now change it. Your own mind may not believe this, and may even fear the idea, but if you would like to change what goes on in your mind and body the first step is in realizing that you can…absolutely. The second step in this process is in realizing what your thoughts and feelings are and how they are affecting your life. What thoughts serve you and which ones don’t? The next step is to consciously decide in what ways you want to think and which ways you don’t. The clearer your mind is as to what you want it to think, the easier it is for your mind to think it.

Once you have gained clarity as to what you want your mind to think it is simply a matter of programming your mind to think that way. This is where I can help you. Just like learning a language, as you repeat ideas and feelings they become ingrained into the neuro-physiology of your brain and become adopted into your own personality and behavior. Thought-forms can be created in your mind and firmly established so your mind becomes the perfect servant to your own consciousness. Where there was negative you create positive, where there is fear you create courage and strength, where there is discord you create harmony.

Look how enslaved most people are to their mental and emotional conditioning. There is absolutely no reason to stay in a contracted mental or emotional state, you can start shifting and reprogramming your mind once you decide to. This choice is the power that makes it happen. Your spirit is guiding you to make those choices, just as it guided you to be reading these words. I will be conducting a series of three one hour teleconferences this month called The Enlightened Mind Series (www.selfawareness.com/YourEnlightenedMindCDSet.html). During these teleconferences I will guide you into deep states to access your subconscious and provide you a series of templates for your mind to consider and adopt if you choose. Emotionally, physically and mentally let us create those thoughts and feelings that bring greater prosperity, happiness and peace into your life and to those in your life. Why settle for anything else?

From the heart, Steven S. Sadleir

"Who decides what state you're going to be in?"

Author's Bio: 

Steven S. Sadleir is the Director of the Self Awareness Institute and is recognized as a Shaktipat Master in two lineages. He has developed powerful distance learning programs for people of all cultures and faiths, trained thousands of people from all over the world, and welcomes all of you who are ready for full Self-Realization.

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