For a person who is buying furniture for the first time, it can seem to be a very monotonous and tiring task even to decide which shop to buy it from. A good idea would probably be to contact an interior designer or someone like that who will help you in deciding the furniture and give valuable information which one to buy. But for a single piece such as a desk, it sounds too cliché to go for an interior decorated. I went through this tiring task of buying an office desk and learned quite a few things that everyone should keep in mind while going for a desk.

It came as a surprise to me that there are wide choices in desk based on their shapes and on their usage. When I went to the store we weren't sure if we wanted to buy a desk that can be used both for PCs and office work.

So, first thing you do is think about the purpose of the desk and what you are going to do with it. Although the essentials for these all are same but there are some differences that will make it easy to use.

If you have plenty of space, we recommend you going for a large one. But if you think the large one might not be feasible for you or it is too expensive then it is okay to go with the size you want. However, don't make the mistake of buying a small desk only because it is easy to move around. You would like plenty of space whether it is for PC use or handling documents and files. The disadvantage is that you might clutter a big desk more than a small one.

Then decide the color, shape and size of the desk. Color should be in harmony with the other furniture in the room and so is the shape of the desk. If most of the furniture is in rectangle shape and of dark wood, go for a desk with rectangle shape and dark wood.

Also, try to find a desk that is lighter in weight as sometimes you might like to change the settings of the room and you don't want a too heavy desk as it will be difficult to move it around. Also, find a desk with adjustable height that you can adjust according to your level. It might cost more than normal ones but it worth it.

If it is a computer desk that you want to buy, then get the one that is separate levels and shelves for keeping your keyboard and your mouse. Also, if you have a printer or any other equipment other than standard ones that come with the PC, then be sure to have shelves or space for those as well.

If it is a normal office desk, try getting one with two or three drawers and not more than that because then you will keep storing a lot of documents and the desk will loose its real purpose. And in the end, keep your desk organized whether it is for a PC or for other work as that is the main purpose of a desk to give you a proper space to work.

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Annie is an expert furniture and interior design writer. Her current area of specialism is furniture, furniture stores and sofas