Afraid to look in the mirror? Scared you might see a mountain of belly fat looking back at you? Well if that is the case do not panic. There is plenty that you can do to burn belly fat fast. Here are a few guidelines to do just that:

1) Walk. Simple yet effective a brisk walk around the park, home from the shops, with the dog or even a day out walking in the hills, these are all really great for burning calories. They are ideal for people who are not fans of the gym or intense exercise and also double up as very relaxing activities where you can gather your thoughts a little.

2) Swim/row/run or in fact do anything exercise you like just make it a part of your routine. Sure some exercises are more intense and will burn more calories than others but in the main just make sure you are exercising regularly. Swimming is great for people with joint problems as it avoids the jarring effect of other exercises as to is rowing.

3) Interval Training. This is a great way to workout, here is what you do. Get on a treadmill and after a couple of minutes warm-up do two minutes running at 90% effort then follow this with 1 minute at 50% effort. Repeat this cycle for twenty minutes. Not only is this going to improve you cardio-vascular fitness, it will also give you metabolic rate a huge boost that will keep your body burning calories for several hours after.

4) Lift weights. Get yourself lifting weight two or three times per week. The reason is that muscle mass requires more calories to keep it alive and functioning properly than fat tissue does. This means that the more muscle you have the more calories you will burn even when at rest. Make sure you include the major compound exercises such as squats, bench presses, pull-ups and deadlifts; these will give your metabolic rate a real boost!

5) Play sport. Get involved with a local sports team or club. Anything will do, try and rediscover an old passion that you used to have. Maybe play squash, 5 a side football, volleyball anything you like. Being part of a team is very motivating in that you don't want to let your mates down and exercise can start to feel like fun and not a chore.

Of course try to keep your diet free of fast foods and all the usual sweets and so on, drink plenty of water and get lots of rest. Following these tips will allow you to burn belly fat consistently but it is up to you, good luck!

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