Let me tell you that you can turn your Facebook profile to be the most effective marketing strategy for your business. How many people have you heard or read about claiming on how they have sold products through their Facebook profile? Any person who is running a business online, probably knows the importance of targeting a particular niche market that is profitable. After all, any online business needs more targeted traffic to enable its survival.

However, it is the targeted traffic (people who are looking to buy a particular product) that actually buys. There are several ways to drive targeted traffic to your online business. Some of these ways include article marketing, video marketing, forums, list building, inbound and outbound links etc. All of them bring potential buyers to your online business. So, what happens if you don't know how to write articles or create videos for the purpose of marketing your online business? Have you ever thought of joining any social networking sites especially Facebook?

One of the best options for marketing your online business on the internet today is Facebook. It currently has millions of people, they visit it more often. When a marketer thinks about this number of people on Facebook, then it becomes a tool for marketing a business and its product.

The advantage of creating a Facebook profile and using it as your marketing tool is that it is for free. All you do is create a Facebook profile page that is attractive and start interacting with people in a friendly and persuasive way. Share with people your interests, funny things, inspirational quotes and before they realize that you're actually using your Facebook profile as a marketing tool, they'll have known your business and the product you're selling. This is facilitated by the fact that you share with them the same interest and this interest is actually a product.

If this is your first "Facebook go-round," chances are you already have friends, worker colleagues or relatives who have already created their Facebook profile. Of course, if you don't find the people you know on Facebook and you have their email addresses, then you can invite them to join Facebook. The idea is to build your network and the more people you have on your friend's list who share the same interest as yours the better.

Eventually you're able to gain access to other networks (Facebook groups) and start communicating with all kinds of people. Facebook profile is one of the best ways to market any product. And, you should definitely network by targeting particular group of people before attempting to peddle your product.

Join groups that pertain to the purpose of your product. Anytime you see something that would effectively enable you to market your online business and its product then take advantage of it. Facebook groups are the platforms where people discuss their interests without actually promoting their products directly.

Through your Facebook profile, you're able to indirectly promote your online business and its product(s). All the relationships you'll establish will enable you to acquire new customers. Building good relationship with people on Facebook is the only way other Facebook members will begin to trust you and see the positive side of your online business and its product. There are also applications available on Facebook that you can use in additional to Facebook advertisements.

To conclude, your Facebook profile will enable you to drive targeted traffic to your online business which is also your website.

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