If you’ve ever been on a diet before, you probably know that they don’t work. The true definition of weight loss success is not the amount of weight lost, but the amount that is kept off. Diets and intense exercise will undoubtedly help to lose weight, but only for the short term for most individuals. It’s nearly impossible for one to maintain an intense exercise regimen or diet if they’re not mentally prepared for such a task. So how does one become mentally prepared without having to alter their entire lifestyle?

This leads us to the title of this article. Your imagination is the first step to life long weight loss. The human subconscious mind cannot distinguish the difference between what’s real and what’s imagined. If you can imagine your ideal bodyweight and body image clearly, and then maintain that image in your mind throughout your day, your subconscious mind will bring forth the actions necessary to make it into your reality.

Your subconscious mind can be your greatest ally in the quest for weight loss, as long as you know how to use it. It can transform your life and your body without you having to consciously make the tough decisions necessary to do so. It can make you pick the better food choices, eat less of it, move your body more, and best of all; it can make you do this without you having to think and plan to do them.

The first step is to close your eyes, take a deep relaxing breath in and out, and then picture or imagine the ideal version of you. Once you see that image, begin to visualize every aspect of it. Get a clear cut image of your entire body from your feet all the way up to the smile on your face. Notice what clothes you’re wearing and the background of where you see yourself.

The final step is to put some movement in your image, just like you’re the star in your own short film clip. Visualize this every single day as often as possible and begin to notice the small changes you accomplish the previous week. Write them down and see how you’re now beginning to become mentally prepared for weight loss success!

If you’re having a difficult time imagining or envisioning yourself at your ideal bodyweight, a qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist can help. Best of luck on your life transforming endeavor!

Author's Bio: 

Damien Young is a Clinical Hypnotherapist, Sports Nutritionist, and Master Personal Trainer who has over 17,000 hours of one on one experience. Damien is a contributing writer for the Philadelphia Examiner and the CEO of one of the Nation's first In-Home Fitness Companies, employing over 20 of the top experts in their respective fields. Damien was an instructor at one of the world's largest and most comprehensive Personal Training schools, successfully certifying hundreds of personal trainers and nutrition counselors. He is the creator of the Instinctive Weight Loss System and Train Your Brain for Weight Loss Audio products, which have sold in 15 countries worldwide. His technique of combining Clinical Hypnotherapy, Nutrition, and Fitness has been proven to be extremely effective. This Mind-Body-Fitness approach has inspired thousands of people to achieve successful weight loss.

Damien Young has been featured in the Philadelphia Inquirer, Main Line Magazine, and his Company has been featured on CNN’s AccentHealth Television Network and several popular radio stations. He travels extensively across the Country bringing his message into the hearts and lives of his loyal fans.