As we enter into the July 4th weekend of 2009 the anticipation of spending extra days with loved ones, meeting old friends for a barbecue or just hanging out in the campground with our kids gives us that renewed feeling of freedom to choose how we want to spend our time. Let's face it, time is our most precious commodity and our JOB (Just Over Broke) has always set a precedent for most of us as to how much time we spend with our families.

Now, unlike no time in history has there been a more crucial point to step back at the midway point in 2009' and look at what we promised ourselves in January and made commitments to do. There are many millions who committed to taking back control of that most valuable commodity of time by saying good bye to the corporate world or at the very least finding that career they are passionate about, but somewhere along the way have fallen back into the same old routine that is slowly but surely stripping away that American spirit of personal choice.

From the oldest of times the methodology behind a job is just not congruent with our inner spirit that lies within all of us. Just like in true slavery where individuals or a conglomerate of controlling power centers contained the mass of population through manipulation, greed and outright importune, it destroys the very fabric of what our country was built upon in free enterprise with the industrial revolution. There lies deep within all of us that yearning to make our own path, to strive with our passions leading the way and that pursuit of money to act as a catalyst to empower us to make a difference in our fellow man.

In our current paradigm with corporate enslavement, big governing control and elite cartel based centers wanting to control our every move, it has become a survival of the fittest, greed and competition have taken over not as a means to an end but rather as a social necessity to control and manipulate to survive. With the printing of paper fiat money, debt based societies and falsities with our banking and financial sectors, most feel trapped and manipulated and those emotions can only elicit negative actions into society. A job as a noun is a stable entity, a way to make money and feed our children with food and shelter but at the very core of it's make up is a direct antagonism to the American spirit of self affirmations, self reliance and setting their own schedules and limits. Does anyone really like to be at work at a certain time? Does anyone really like someone or something telling them they can only have a ½ hour lunch? Does anyone really like someone setting the times and schedules of when they can spend time with their families?

We must begin to open our eyes to new opportunities that have been there for quite some time but have come to the surface like a volcano erupting in the past year or so. Social media networks have begun to awaken that American spirit again just like the industrial revolution where opportunity and motive was abundant.

The New Mega Information Era of the Internet right now as we rekindle the American psyche has laid the backdrop for the second Gold Rush of befalling this country has ever seen. It's a fact that there are more searches on the internet today for home based businesses and online opportunities than any other medium. Why? People are fed up with the status quo and our entire socioeconomic lives. New freedom movements and online businesses are popping up all over the World Wide Web like cell phones rang your ear back in the early 90's. We must wake up and realize the power in this revolution that has awakened societies of free thinkers. I would argue this inner spirit has never left but just got buried along the way with our reliance on the government to bail us out.

There are many ways to tap into this frenzy of contingency moving forward. We should join all the social networks we can with the likes of Facebook, My Space, Twitter, Better Networker and many others. All have their niche' and you will find one that suits you and your ideals. We take the opportunity that is waiting for us to Fire our bosses once and for all and take back our right to free enterprise wealth creation. There is a movement going on right now on the Internet replacing the old school Multi Level Marketing model and it's called direct sale marketing and its' about branding yourself and your businesses on the internet for lasting credibility and exposure. Think about it? No matter what your discipline, there are concepts like psychographics which outlines behavioral patterns of people within each market and segment of society and most of it stems for their presence on the World Wide Web and if you are not positioned to help and guide this sector of people you are missing the new Gold Wave. How we transact and conduct business has changed forever and Google searches as one example will provide your new mirror to success.

If you want to start your own business with control of your time, money and destiny there has never been a better time. The old paradigm of financial planners and Brokers have all been replaced by "rubber meets the road", mentors and coaches who have felt and experienced the corporate woes, enslavement by their JOB (Just Over Broke) and the lack of time spent with their families. There are entire networks being built right now in Free Enterprise that are waking up that inner spirit and kid like mentalities that lie with all of us. We only get one crack at this life, wouldn't it make sense to create wealth with yourself in the driver seat with a coach and mentor rather than your boss controlling the direction of your tires?

Scott Lifer - founder and CEO -
Master Internet Marketer
Author - Commodities through Uncommon Sense
Professional Speaker

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Scott Lifer- Author, Master Internet Marketer, Financial Life Skills Coach, and Professional Speaker.

Scott is a "rubber meets the road", don't talk about it unless you've done it type of personality. He is an advocate of speaking about our current socioeconomic paradigm whereby the cartel based financial and emotional elite power centers are controlling our thought patterns. He is building teams of entrepreneurs to get back to what made America the land of opportunity in Free Enterprise.