Life is no accident

Many people feel lucky or unlucky for having the parents they have or be in the economic or health position they experience. The truth is luck or accidents do not exist, it is all pre planned.
Each time we die in this physical plane our true being, one of pure thought and consciousness, looses the focus of our image as a separate physical body and awakens as pure spirit once again in the higher planes. Our higher self reviews what it has learned and not learned while on this physical plane and if needed reincarnates another representation of itself back into this or another world.
However, before it sends another representation back , it must determine what it wants and needs to learn in order for it to continue to progress along its path back to perfection & God. This is needed to rejoin the One-creator in pure bliss and unconditional love. In this review our higher self will choose who its new parents will be, the people it will meet and interact with, the job(s) it will hold, the location where it will journey through its next life and all the hurdles and challenges that it will face in order to learn what it must in order to reach its final goal. Therefore every thing that we go through in life is a wonderful opportunity to learn valuable lessons that will bring us back to the pinnacle of heaven. There is no luck or lack of luck and no accidents for we all voluntary and willingly choose what lies ahead in each and every new incarnation into this and all other lives all with the same wondrous goal. Change your outlook on life today from one of fear and anxiety to one of great joyful expectation and opportunity to continue on the path back to pure bliss and happiness forever from which you came but have temporarily forgotten.
Thank your children and grandchildren and all of your other friends and relatives and family members for choosing to be part of your life and they too should thank you for your choice of being part of their's while we are all on our connected journey back to the ONE.

Author's Bio: 

RL VANWALDICK; local businessman for the past 30 years as well as spiritual author of the book, A Reversal of thought, Click on the newsletter and receive a free e-book in 14 days