Marketing continues to transform and social networking has speeded up the process. The old strategies of a hard sell do not work, particularly when the primary buying power is women.

Marketing by force is not a good fit for women. In fact most women I know don’t feel comfortable with pushing themselves onto someone else. Or having something pushed onto them. It goes against an internal instinct to bond and form community.

Being aggressive creates conflict. Most of us will do anything to avoid that feeling. This is a primary reason why women resist marketing, leaving a bad taste in their mouth.

Marketing which is designed for men does not work for women. When your marketing campaign is designed for women; however, studies have shown it appeals to men as well.

Social networking has changed marketing . Of course you want to get the word out about who you are and the services you provide. The focus has shifted from the focus being about you to now the focus is all about them, your ideal client.

Relationship and trust is the key to your marketing strategy. With everything you do, think about building a “know, like and trust” relationship. By taking the needs of your ideal client into consideration you will be gearing everything about your marketing campaign toward her.

Be generous with your marketing message. Think about ways you are able to build a relationship, validate the needs of your ideal client and provide support through the services you offer. By offering value, you are building a long term relationship with your ideal client.

Easy tips to begin creating your ideal marketing message:
1. Your message is not all about you. Design your message for your ideal client. Become very clear about what is in it for her.
2. Identify your ideal client. Speak directly to her, one to one. Don’t create a marketing message for the masses; this will dilute your message.
3. Identify the problem. Figure out what is going on in her life which would make her seek out your services now. Bring that into the first part of your message.
4. Next, educate her about the way you can solve her problems.
5. Finally, focus on the solution. Think about the benefit they receive from working with you
6. Use simple everyday language. Don’t use jargon for your trade. Keep the message clear and simple.
7. Clients are not as concerned about your technique as they are about the results you can provide for them.

In order to market effectively, develop an approach which suits your style and personality. Don’t try to be something you are not. It will come through as inauthentic and not very client attractive.

When I first started marketing Mindset for Marketing Success, I had to become really clear on my ideal client, her specific problems and the solutions I provided. I actually sat down and created my ideal client. I wrote as much as I could about her profession, her personal life, education, lifestyle and spirituality. Not only did I get as detailed as I could about her life, I even gave her a name.

Creating her was one of the best things I did to get started. Next, I talked with an associate and brainstormed to help create my ideal elevator speech. With her immediate feedback we fine-tuned my marketing message in less than 30 minutes. I wanted it to be easy, clear and results oriented.

Once that was done, it was time to put it to use. I learned my elevator speech, but didn’t want it to sound memorized. Periodically I would change it slightly, testing the response. Just changing one or two words can significantly improve its effectiveness.

You might need to experiment to find your style. Play around with a variety of marketing messages. Test different ones with your friends or other support people, being open to feedback. Don’t shy away from negative feedback. You want them to be honest with you. The feedback is not about you and your business; it is about continuing to create a marketing message which is appealing and effective.

Once you have figured out your style and have a comfortable marketing message, get going. Be consistent in your message. The consistency helps with branding and people understanding who you are and what you do.

Activity: Create your ideal client. Include demographics, hobbies, spirituality, relationship and as many other details as you can. Once you know her, give her a name. I know it sounds silly, but it will really help with consistency and branding. Write your next marketing material with her in mind. You are writing specifically to her, having a conversation with your ideal client. This adds a personal touch to your message, building a relationship.

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From Loren Fogelman, the success expert, founder of Mindset for Marketing Success.