In strange economic times, it's easy to get lost in all
the negativity on the news. It's easy to get lost in all
the "bad news" out in the world. It's easy to be overcome
by all the doom and gloom. So, it's more important
than ever to keep things in the proper perspective.

That's the focus of this issue.

It's about knowing your truth, the truth of the Universe
and it's about where your focus is.

To begin with, your truth is that you are an unlimited
being. You are powerful, priceless, magnificent,
incredible, wonderful and you can do a lot more
than you give yourself credit for, regardless of what
the economy is doing.

I know this for a fact and I'll show you why right now.

The truth of the Universe is that it is unlimited
abundance. The Universe is like a giant toy store full
of anything and everything that you could ever want,
need or wish for. The Universe is there for you to have
whatever you wish for and you get to have whatever you wish
for by knowing your truth.

That leads me to the third point about focus. You see,
if you focus on anything else other than your truth,
you send out mixed signals to the Universe and you
don't get what you want. You actually get what
you believe you deserve and you get what you put
the most attention on. So, if your attention is
on fear, doubt, negativity, how bad things are
or how bad they can get, then, you'll send out
those fearful messages to the Universe and that's
what you'll get back. Your customers will leave,
clients will disappear, someone will lose a job and
you'll have the proof that things are really bad.

The Universe is obedient and it does not filter or
question what you say you want (whether you're
conscious of it or not). If you think of it like a
waiter and you order a 4,000 calorie dessert, he
doesn't care if you are 200 pounds overweight,
his job is to bring you what you order and not
to question it.

As a result, your focus has to be on nothing and
I mean nothing but what you want and any time
a negative thought comes up, dismiss as irrelevant.
Because it is irrelevant. It isn't your truth and
it's not the truth of the Universe. Then replace
it immediately with your truth. How you do that
is with an affirmation that reinforces your

You can say a statement like, "In this moment, I am
safe and secure and all my needs are met. I know
that the Universe will provide for my every desire.
As a result, this is what I want." Once you say that,
then declare what you want the Universe to provide
and then let it go.

Letting it go is vitally important because if you're
attached to the result, you'll be sending fear-filled
signals to the Universe again. If you do that, you'll
gum up the entire process. Worse yet, you'll attract
things that will really scare you.

To sum this all up, if you believe you are in need,
that means that you are believing in a falsehood
(something other than your truth). When you have
those "needy" thoughts, you send the message to
the Universe that you have a need. The Universe
responds to you and gives you exactly what you're
asking for and that is, MORE NEED!

So to stop being a magnet to financial challenges,
or any other challenges/problems that you don't want,
know your truth (you are unlimited). Know the
truth of the Universe (it is unlimited and will fulfill
your every wish). Focus only on what you want and
then let it go completely. As Ron Popeil says in his
Rotisserie Oven infomercials, "Set it and forget it."

So, that's it for this issue my friend. May you
be blessed beyond belief and may all of your
dreams and your success come true. And may
everything you wish for be the least that you get.
you get.

Until next issue...

To your success,

Darshan G. Shanti - The 24 Hour Champion

Author's Bio: 

Darshan is an expert in human motivation, behavior change and rapid transformation. He is a 20-year veteran in the field of personal and professional development. He is an ontologist, facilitator, trainer, author and transformational speaker. He is the President of Freedom Incorporated, Inc., a revolutionary, innovative company dedicated to supporting organizations and people all over the world to help them to achieve their highest potential.

Darshan has a unique ability to very quickly empower participants to change their own minds about who they are and what's possible for themselves, both now and in the future. When they change their own minds, their change is permanent, leaving them free to make new decisions, take new actions and create new, powerful and fulfilling lives.

From Fortune 100 corporations such as Baxter Pharmaceuticals, to small mom and pop companies, school systems and prison systems, across the United States, he has worked with and inspired over 30,000 people.