As any job-seeker can attest, finding a good job in today’s business climate can be quite challenging. The good news is that it is not an impossible task. There are some tools that people can use in order to increase their chances of landing a great career opportunity.

One of these tools is LinkedIn, a professional networking site that connects individuals to a wealth of career resources. It can refer you to people or companies that are looking to hire someone new. In order to maximize the power of LinkedIn, your profile must be well-constructed. What makes for a great profile?

Exercise Consistency
Pay attention that your profile follows a consistent structure when it comes to grammar and format. For example, if you use the third person in one section, then it should be maintained throughout the entire profile. If you start out using bullets to list down your accomplishments, do not switch to numbers later on. Following a consistent method makes it easier for people to read your profile.

Look for Testimonials
Utilize the recommendations that are given by other people about your work. These are so important. An objective testimonial can make a greater impression than any achievement that you have placed on your profile page. It also provides an insight into how you work and your personality instead of just focusing on the end results.

Remember to Focus
The profile page should focus on the industry that you are interested in instead of being cluttered with unnecessary details—just like a resume. You can either arrange them by chronology or significance. What is important is that people can get an idea of your capabilities and thus pique their interest at hiring you even with just a glance.

Your LinkedIn profile is important enough to your job search and online presence that it’s worth putting some significant effort into. It’s the first impression that hundreds or thousands of people in your industry will have of you. Make sure it’s the best it can be.

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