Are you like the majority of the people, challenged with " attention bankruptcy " and feel like you can't get ahead? Learning how to harness your focus and develop a strong quality of focus is one of the most important skills you can acquire to combat the feeling of helplessness that accompanies attention bankruptcy. Whether you are a CEO, a Manager, a Small Business Owner or a Service Professional, lack of ability to focus your attention on the most important matters will affect your success and prohibit you from attaining your full emotional and financial freedom potential.

Quality focus is the core to success but to gain focus, many people need help. There are many theories and processes and self-help books on focus but even in today's world of technology, sometimes people still need the human touch or collaboration with others in order to use those techniques to achieve financial freedom and personal satisfaction. There are so many distractions today that even the most disciplined person can lose focus. Focusing on what is important is sometimes difficult if what is important is not immediate. People have differing tolerances of distractions, which makes long term success and satisfaction seemingly unachievable for many people.

Job dissatisfaction in the United States continues to represent the larger percentage of the population. At best, people are complacent but only a small percentage report overall job satisfaction. In today's economy, the top ranked key to job satisfaction is job security. For many years, life / work balance has also been a key contributing factor in job satisfaction, which explains the continued increase in interest of people to become their own boss, work from home or work more flexible hours. What stops you from pursuing your dreams? Working with less stress? Fear? Perceived loss of security? No, lack of quality focus!

Additionally, job insecurity is a key contributor to stress. Workplace stress today is estimated to cost American businesses over $300 billion each year. Stress not only has negative physical health impacts but also causes lack of productivity, decrease in energy and overall inability to focus. Developing the skill to be able to focus with a high quality on the right priorities is the key to eliminating stress and getting ahead with your business and your life!

For most people, freedom is the combination of financial security as well as personal satisfaction. What if you could have financial security, happiness and peace of mind? Wouldn't that be the ultimate in freedom?

There are 3 critical success strategies to personal freedom:

1. Willingness to Learn
2. Embracing the Unknown
3. Quality Focus

These may sound different than strategies you have read about in the past but in today's economy, staying ahead is top of mind for most. In order to stay ahead, regardless of your life choices, these 3 strategies are the key to that success.

Why Willingness to Learn? Isn't everyone willing to learn? The answer seems obvious but the fact is that everyone is not willing to learn. Learning comes with risk and more people than not are uncomfortable with the risk. What if they are not capable of learning new skills? What if they try and fail? Past experiences and failures often build walls of resistance and create invisible obstacles. Releasing those fears takes strength and, often, the help of others who are more objective - people who are trained to help you succeed!

Embracing the Unknown - why would that help you achieve freedom? As the research indicates, a key contributor to job satisfaction is job security. Likewise, personal satisfaction and job satisfaction have a strong correlation to each other. In order to achieve your life goals, you have to be able to accept that those goals may cause change and there is risk associated with any change. Having a low resistance to change offers a much greater reward than complacency. Developing the ability to embrace change is a behavior that is not easily achieved without formal coaching or training. Like many things, we are conditioned to our environment and the large majority of the population has not been conditioned to coping with significant life changes without external support. We have to be willing to learn in order to move past these obstacles.

Quality Focus - this is by far the most important. Focus is the key to personal and financial freedom. As referenced with the quote from Henry Ford, "Whether you think you can or think you can't, you are probably right", you can accomplish whatever you choose to accomplish. And what is the determining factor in that decision? Quality Focus! If you focus on success, you will succeed. If you focus on embracing change, you will be able to embrace change. If you focus on financial freedom and personal satisfaction, you will have both. If you focus on what prevents you from attaining your life goals, you will never meet them.

Success and freedom can be yours with the right focus - quality focus. It is not only the ability to focus - it is the ability to focus on the right things, with the right level of effort - Quality Focus. We specialize in mentoring people just like you through life changing decisions and through developing a quality focus to improve their daily activities. You can achieve your life's dreams with the right focus and we are here to help you succeed!

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Sue Stebbins aka 'The Maven of Accelerated Results' is the #1 Accelerated Breakthrough Business Coach for the World's Leading Experts, Business Owners, and Career Transitioners, who want to Powerfully And Quickly Gain the Clarity and Proven Innovation Strategies they need to Transform their Business, Income, and Fulfillment. She can be reached toll free at 866.731.7344 or online at