So how important are thoughts to getting what you want? This is a simple question. Thoughts are the key to getting what you want. How do you think on a daily basis? What are your thoughts focused on most of your day? If a problem comes up, how do you figure out what to do? These questions are all telling of where your thought process is and what results you are going to get. Let’s look at an example:
Brian is in debt. He has $10,000 in credit card debt, a car loan, and a mortgage. He makes a moderate salary working a job that he’s moderately satisfied with. Most of his thoughts are on his situation. Because he puts his energy into what he has, he gets more of the same. According to the Law of Attraction, if Brian really wants to get out of his situation, he has to put his thought energy in a different form. Is this simple? NO! Is this necessary if he really wants to change his life? YES.

Basic rule of thumb: if you want more money, then you have to start thinking of more money. If you want deeper relationships, you have to start thinking about deeper relationships.

The big hurdle to cross is that thinking this takes work. It’s hard to focus on what you want, when what you want is nowhere in sight. But, learning to do so is the key to moving beyond what you have and into having what you want. Here’s the reality…people believe that what they have is just the way it is. They settle for their situations with statements like, “Oh well—I just have to deal with it.” Or “This is my life.” No—this is NOT your life. This is your life IF you settle for it. On the other hand, if you start training your mind to expect more, to want more, to focus on more, you’ll start doing what it takes to get more.
Let’s look at Brian again. He has some choices to make.

1) He can continue at his job, making a moderate salary. He can continue to focus on his large debt and payments. He can continue to chip away at them, but rack up more debt as he pays off bills. It’s a cycle.

2) He can start focusing on being debt-free. He can start visualizing a life where he has no debt. He can start saying to himself, ”I pay my bills with ease and I have no debt.” He can commit to this statement and say it to himself over and over again until his mind believes it. The Universe responds with either a raise, a better job offer or maybe additional side job. He puts that extra money towards his debt, knowing it will be paid off. In eight months, he’s at half of the debt he used to have. His mindset is no longer one of “I have to settle and deal with this.” His mindset is “I pay my bills with ease and I have no debt.” This could open the door to better money making opportunities, with extra money to be put towards debt. Soon he is where his mental state is: paying his bills with ease and has no debt.

Life is about setting our minds on the good we want, regardless of what we have. Anyone can change their life starting today. If you don’t want poverty, don’t keep thinking about it. If you don’t want bad relationships, stop thinking about them. Set your mind on higher things. The things you want. Focus your thought energy on what you want to bring into your life and the Universe will respond. Remember that the Laws of the Universe are stationary and don’t change. They cannot change. So if you do your part, they will fall into place. What is “your part”? Start to take control of your thoughts and build your life and stop letting your life create your thoughts!

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Anya Dee is a Chicago-based writer who specializes in ghost writing for self-help and motivational speakers. Her resources can be seen at