There is this adrenaline rush that comes in motorsports. The G-force you experience in a drag race or the precision you get while drifting, these are moments that you become fond of in a heartbeat. When we think of motorsports, ten-second cars, mods, we usually perceive guys to be behind the wheel. However, this case in the UAE is different. Meet Yuliana Grasman, a woman from Kazakhstan who has been winning titles and making the womanhood proud. Yuliana is setting an example for all the women across the globe that if you have a goal, hard work and perseverance are the only two things that you need to achieve it.

Yuliana Grasman a.k.a. the ‘Petrol Head' has been hooked to automobiles since childhood. Although her love for cars had ignited at quite an early age, the desire to pursue a career related to cars truly ignited at the age of 11. Her father gave Yuliana a chance to experience off-roading as he taught him driving a stick. It was at that time that Yuliana knew what she wanted to do in the long-term. In addition to her longstanding dream of becoming a renowned racer, she wanted to empower women and showcase that gender does not define who gets to race in motorsport. If you have the right skills, you're good to go. Yuliana has been part of motorsports for the past decade now and plans on continuing serving the industry for a good while now. She is a Gold Medalist in the UAE Mudcross Fest where she was the only female participant. Yuliana is mainly known for her freestyle drifting which got her the name ‘Afra’.

Apart from being an avid motorist, Yuliana Grasman is also an actress, a filmmaker, and a model. She has starred in multiple movies and has even featured alongside the famous Bollywood Actor Shahrukh Khan. In addition to acting, Yuliana has also starred in and created music videos as well as several short films that she edited herself. Moreover, Yuliana has is the producer of multiple commercial videos for authorized distributors of Mercedes Benz, Hyundai Bentley, Deals on Wheels, Hyundai Genesis, and many more.

Yuliana Grasman is fond of traveling as well. She has already been to over 10 different counties experiencing new cultures and witnessing traditions. Yuliana also loves to write. She is an author of more than fifty poems already. A motivational book is also underway from her end which might be published soon.

Over the years, Yuliana Grasman has had to explain to many people why she chose such a “manly” profession. In an interview, she says that it was difficult in the beginning, but then she embraced her love for the sport and today, she is proud to call herself an award-winning motorist encouraging other women to partake in this industry. Prior to coming to the UAE, Yuliana had participated in several rallies and races like the Samuryk Rally, Time Attacks, and Ice Arabian Peninsula live, etc.

Yuliana Grasman is a rising motorist in the UAE region, known for her 4x4 freestyle drifting in the ME and GCC region. She drives a 4x4 Nissan Patrol which has been rebuilt from the core by herself.

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