While the Sri lankan team is currently touring India, everyone is looking towards the selectors to give chance to some new talent. While everyone is looking around for some Young capable faces, Yuvraj Singh, who is training hard at National Cricket Academy (NCA) in Bangalore to improve his fitness standards, would seem like a better option amongst the rest as almost every new guy has taken their chance but were still unable to impress with their performance.

Yuvraj Singh

Now people might say that to earn a National call up, one has to clear the yo-yo test, which has become the so called “Must have” criterion for a player to be considered for selection nowadays. While few saying that Yuvraj don’t deserve a chance, many more and even cricketing experts are calling this test as “Controversial measure of Fitness”. Moreover, the legacy of Yuvraj singh, whom we all know for his breathtaking shots and towering sixes can’t just be measured on failing a single “Yo Yo Test”. We can all see him practicing hard and sweating whole day in a quest to prove his fitness on media Footages. So while that makes Yuvraj almost hell-bent on making it to the India team, he should be applauded for his determination to his beloved sport .This can clearly confirm that our very own cricketing legend is still capable with full impact of making it to the highest level.

The Call still lies with the country’s selectors and it would be now interesting to see whether they listen to the people’s call of bringing their Hero Back in contention to the Game of cricket, once Yuvi clears the Yo yo test. We all pray and hope for his comeback while his battle against the “Mission Yoyo Test” continues.

Author's Bio: 

Atharva is a cricket lover from Mumbai who aspires to become a cricket statistician and commentator.