(Los Angeles, CA) November 22th, 2022 -- Yvonne Sandomir knows what it's like to face challenges. As a survivor of childhood trauma, she wants to be a catalyst for others to overcome suffering and provide hope and inspiration for trauma victims everywhere, showing that healing is possible with time and effort. Her story will surely resonate with anyone who has ever felt helpless in the face of adversity.

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Yvonne is a survivor of sexual abuse, incest, parental domestic abuse, alcoholism, drug addiction, and dysfunctional families. These experiences led her to feel invisible and worthless for many years. But eventually, she realized that she was not alone. Other people out there had met similar challenges, and she embarked on a journey to support victims and provide resources for them to heal and become stronger. 

Proof that you can break the intergenerational cycles of abuse, Yvonne is also a cognitive behavioral life coach and advocates for sexual, incest, and parental domestic abuse who uses her life as an instrument of hope. Through her work, Yvonne helps people identify and achieve their goals. But she doesn't just stop there. Yvonne also specializes in mindfulness techniques, which help people live in the present and not be held back from their past. She states, My memoir "The Invisible Girl" is my truth. "It's my story and voice--something I've wanted to share for a long time." 

Her memoir sheds light on the often-hidden world of child sexual abuse and offers hope for healing to those who have experienced it themselves or know someone who has. It is an essential read for anyone affected by this devastating issue. As a survivor of multiple childhood traumas, Sandomir knows firsthand the devastation that hidden childhood trauma can cause later in life – both to individuals and families alike. 

Yvonne channeled her experiences into writing "The Invisible Girl." But she didn't want to stop there. She wanted to do more to help people still struggling with the aftermath of their trauma. That's when she decided to launch the Survivor Strong podcast for survivors of childhood trauma. 

Yvonne Sandomir is set to pave her way as the face of perseverance. She has ventured on the journey of intense psychotherapy and is proof that you can break intergenerational cycles of abuse. She believes sexual abuse, especially when it goes undetected  and untreated, can have debilitating consequences into adulthood which she has poignantly illustrated in "The Invisible Girl."  

Yvonne is not only an advocate and author; her life is also a personal brand. She hopes to be a vessel for survivors of childhood trauma, allowing them to feel less alone and encouraging them to tell their stories. Yvonne hopes her book and upcoming projects will help others who have experienced childhood trauma find their path to healing. To date, she found peace within herself and started living the life she deserved—a life free from intergenerational abuse and full of joy and possibility. 

For more information about Yvonne Sandomir, visit her website. "The Invisible Girl" can be purchased on Amazon. 

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