Today I gardened in the rain; one of those beautiful west coast misty rains which leaves everything drenched
in life giving moisture. Everything is saturated even the colors, taken to deeper hues by the gray overcast.
You feel gently hugged and cocooned by the close in day.

My task: to make zucchini mounds, these look like miniature volcanoes erupting in my garden beds,
in which to plant my four little treasures. I prepared each mount with a bag full of sheep manure,
a few shovels of compost full of wriggling worms and some of the soil out of the bed where
I am building the mounds. I then shape each mount with the volcano like cauldron which
will collect and hold water when ( this is a secret I’m revealing here) our dry semi arid summer hits.
( As a resident of the Pacific Northwest I am required by law to propagate the myth that it always rains here.)

Into each of the four Cauldrons I insert one Zucchini plant with all the love and care I can muster.
It’s a beautiful day for planting out.

As I am tucking the zucchini firmly into the soil and thinking about the grand harvest
I will be reaping this summer I have a Zen moment.

What I am doing is Law of Attraction in full force. I have tended the garden, done the work and expect,
without any hint of doubt, to be enjoying the harvest in god’s good time. I am not fretting about
what if’s…or feel anxious about my skill level, or stressing about how long it is going to
take to taste my first fresh bite of zucchini.

I am in the “now” moment. In my mind’s eye I have already manifested a mature zucchini
plant in abundant profusion.

For the rest of the season until I start to harvest sweet little zucchini, I will basically
just let them do their thing, giving them an occasional drink of high energy food.

Isn’t that exactly how Law of Attraction works. You create your desire, visualize
what that looks like, then you leave it to arrive when it will and you know that it
will come, just like the zucchini harvest.

I am not going to dig up my zucchini plants once a week to see how the roots are doing.
I’m not going to prod and poke them to see if I can hurry them up. With that kind of attention
I’m likely not to enjoy that first morsel soaked in lovely green olive oil.
I probably will kill off all my poor plants before they have a chance to manifest.

But don’t we do that with other things we are trying to attract.
Where is it, when will it manifest, what’s taking so long, this doesn’t work,
I knew this stuff was bull, etc and etc.

Now I am as guilty as the next one in letting my impatience get the
better of me at times. But the lesson is pretty clear when ever it pops out of the universe at you,
create it, then don’t mess with it, get on with something else.

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Nick Grimshawe has written hundreds of articles ranging from food and wine to self development and spirituality. He is the editor and publisher of and the Beautiful Summer Morning Newsletter. You can subscribe for free here: He is currently at work on his first book and an e-book about his experiences getting off diabetic medication. He is also developing a course on how to find your life purpose.