The maritime and offshore industries are one of the most dynamic and challenging industries. Every time a ship sets sail, from sea to shore, it embarks on an incredible journey; a journey that demands professionals with special skills working together in harmony to make it possible.

The team at Zener Maritime Solutions, understands the importance of each activity on a ship and that is why Zener has dedicated years of perfecting their services for its clients.

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Please brief our audience about your organization, its values, vision, and mission.

Zener Maritime Solutions values are derived from our TEAM and act as our guiding principles.

To be the Global UTM company of choice for all Owners and Managers.
To provide shipping companies with a competitive advantage by providing economical competitive, efficient, professional, and comprehensive UTM services achieved by our experienced and well-trained technicians.
Brief us on how you have made an impact in the maritime industry through your expertise in the market?

Twenty-two years ago, when we started, the entire business models of ship inspections used to be different. It is my belief (read confidence) that we changed how this industry carried out its operations in the last fifteen to twenty years. Asia had very limited knowledgebase as well as reach in the global ship industry. Asia today is the leading service provider in the ship inspection business globally. Zener actually took the business global. Zener has six offices and made this business global rather than localised. It used to be a localised industry where local companies worked locally but the team at Zener turned it global.

According to you, how are contemporary technologies such as AI and Machine Learning shaping the maritime industry?

AI in machine learning are always going to be part and parcel of the Maritime industry. Maritime industry traditionally has been a much more conservative industry in adopting new technologies. It is an old school way of doing a lot of businesses. Having said that, a lot of it is already going into the process of cargo operations, vessel chartering, even vessel management.

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